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5000+ Dead Birds Rain Over New Jersey-could the USDA be involved in recent killings? #parents #health #kids #tcot

I learned about this story today via twitter from a tweet sent by @Liberty_Chick; it does make you wonder why the USDA would authorize poisoning birds like this without notifying residents and then leaving the clean up to the residents. They claim to have poisoned the birds to help save farms&cattle feed; yet comments from residents claim they did not see a problem and that the birds were good for eating the salt on the roads after de-icing. It makes you wonder if the recent sudden deaths of more birds in Arkansas, Kentucky and other cities across the US may have been poisoned as well by the USDA or some other government entity for some reason. So far the USDA have not come out with this information in the media,but it seems after this incident in 2009 was kept from the residents prior to the 'culling' that maybe they are keeping quiet on this incident so as not to take the blame for not properly notifying residents again? It seems the USDA, under the Obama administration, might have some explaining to do?? What do you think??

2009-FRANKLIN, N.J. -- And, then, there were none.

New Jersey residents awoke to a morbid note on Saturday morning, after federal officials killed as many as 5,000 European starling birds with pesticides the previous evening. Hundreds of the birds were reported to have fallen onto private residents' lawns, driveways, and even cars.

The black carcasses were strewn across Franklin, N.J., among other towns in southern Somerset County.

"It was raining birds," Franklin Township Mayor Brian Levine told The Associated Press. "It got people a little anxious."

The U.S. Department of Agriculture utilized a bird-specific pesticide, DRX-1339, which it says is harmless to humans and other animals.

New Jersey pet owners still looked to the local government for reassurance, however, that their animals would not be affected by the pesticide. At the very least, one resident said, they could have received a warning about the culling in advance.

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