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Christina Taylor Green lives on through her organ donation which saved the life of a child on the E Coast. #tcot

What an angelic way to remember Christina's giving spirit by giving life to another young child. I don't know what the age or health of the other child was who received Christina's organs but it is a bitter sweet ending to a tragic loss of life. I'm sure her parents are proud of there decision to donate Christina's organs to save another life while grieving the loss of their own beautiful and giving daughter. I couldn't imagine having to make such a tough decision so soon after the loss of a child.

May Christina's giving spirit live on through the other little girl and may her family find peace knowing that Christina is among the angels watching over them.

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The family of Christina Taylor Green, the nine-year-old girl killed when a gunman opened fire on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords at a "Congress on Your Corner" event, has donated some of her organs, already saving another child's life.

Some of the organs went to a little girl in Boston, CNN reported.

"It was very poignant to find out. That's what Christina was all about," father John Green told CNN. "It's a blessing."

Christina Green

Los Angeles Times / MCT

The family of Christina Taylor Green, the 9-year-old killed in Tucson shootings, donated her organs to help others. Her father told CNN some of her organs went to young girl in Massachusetts.

Christina's story touched the world, not only because she was the youngest victim of the shooting rampage, but also because she was born the same day terrorists brought down the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.

The girl, known for her giving spirit, went with a neighbor to the Giffords event at a Safeway store last Saturday because she was recently elected to her student council and had a budding interest in politics.

The organ donation was first disclosed by the bishop of Tucson, the Most Rev. Gerald Kicanas, speaking at Christina's funeral Thursday. A friend helping the Green family told the Arizona Republic that the organ donation network called the family on Friday, telling them that Christina's donation had already saved the life of a child on the East Coast.

Asked if he would like to meet the girl who received the transplant, John Green told CNN, "Oh yes, and I'd give her a big hug."
Christina Green
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