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Enraged pregnant wife attempts to kill mistresses baby three times! #parents #kids

While I would be upset I can't imagine taking anyone's life,especially the baby's in this case. If anyone, she should have directed her anger at her husband and left him,taking him for all he had as far as child support and alimony goes. Now her baby will be without a mother and as these cases often go, the husband will probably end up living with or marrying the mistress in the end.

I would never have tried to take a baby's life, again this inhumane behavior shows how cruel some people can be,how their needs come before a child's, and how little they respect life in the womb.

Prescription for harm

A jilted wife pregnant with her husband’s baby claimed that raging hormones made her fool his also-pregnant mistress into taking an abortion pill — and, when that failed to end the pregnancy, repeatedly tried to kill the newborn.

That was the excuse Kisha Jones’s attorney gave on Jan. 25 as the unhinged mother pled guilty to first tricking 25-year-old Monique Hunter into taking an abortion pill, then failing twice to hurt the baby in the hospital.

When she is sentenced on Feb. 10, Jones faces four years in jail, although she could be out in less than two years with time served, her attorney Barry Turner told reporters last week.

“[Jones] was in the last trimester of her pregnancy and was acting irrationally,” Turner explained. “I guess her hormones were out of whack.”

Jones, 40, was pregnant back in October, 2009, when she tracked down and telephoned Hunter — who was carrying Jones’s husband’s other baby.

Prosecutors charged that Jones first used a device to mask her cellphone number — making it appear that it was coming from Hunter’s doctor — then said the young woman needed to take a pill called Cytocec.

Jones had already gotten a fake prescription for Cytocec, which she had filled at a Williamsburg pharmacy, where Hunter picked up the drug, prosecutors said.

Trusting her “doctor,” Hunter, who was six-and-a-half months pregnant at the time, took the medication and began suffering from abdominal cramps. She was rushed to Kings County Hospital, where her baby was delivered prematurely.

With the baby still alive, prosecutors say Jones took things to the next level: she tried to pass herself off as a hospital administrator and order a nurse to take the baby off his ventilator. When that didn’t work, Jones got an unnamed accomplice to try to feed the baby a suspicious and possibly harmful liquid.

The accomplice came into the hospital’s neo-natal intensive care unit claiming that Hunter had pumped some breast milk for her baby, but a suspicious nurse threw the liquid out after determining it didn’t have the same consistency as breast milk.

Turner told Judge Martin Murphy that Jones, a mother of four, had never harmed anyone before, yet learning that her husband had not only been unfaithful, but fathered a love child with a younger woman drove her over the edge.

Making matters worse was Hunter, who had reached out to Jones repeatedly, taunting the older woman with sordid details about her husband’s affair, Turner claimed.

In an unrelated story, here is an example of the types of predators lurking on sites like Facebook,in which parents need to be more aware of who their children are befriending.

Sex traffickers celled

Artic “Scooby Da Don” Rogers’s Facebook page said it all: Favorite activities: Pimpin’ Hoes. Favorite books: “Pimpology” by Pimpin’ Ken, “Pimp” by Iceberg Slim and “48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene. Favorite movies: “Pumps Up, Ho’s Down” and “Pimp Chronicles.”

It’s no surprise, then, that Rogers was indicted for sex trafficking on Jan. 26 for terrorizing and forcing girls as young as 15 into prostitution — a lucrative endeavor that was ultimately broken apart when the family of one of his victims called authorities.

Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes said Rogers and associate Treymaine “Trey” Songster are both facing 50 years in prison for taking two young girls — the oldest 17, the youngest 15 — across the borough as well as to other states and forcing them to earn $1,000 on their backs each night. If they didn’t, Rogers would beat them and threaten their loved ones, prosecutors said.

Rogers would set up “dates” for the teens on and Craigslist, Hynes said during a press conference announcing the arrests. In order to make extra cash, Rogers would tape the sexual encounters and sell the videos online.

If his victims didn’t earn enough on their dates, he would force them on various “hooker strolls” until they earned their keep, Hynes explained, adding that Rogers felt he owned these young girls.

He actually branded [the girls], forcing them to get a tattoo that read ‘Scooby,’ ” Hynes said. “It’s a common thing for cretins like these.”

Rogers kept the girls in a heightened state of fear. According to the indictment, he would often choke and electrocute animals and then tell his victims that they faced the same fate if they tried to escape.

When they weren’t working, his victims were under lock and key. Songster often sidelined as overseer and jail keeper, Hynes said.

Rogers’s reign of terror ended last December when a family member of one of his victims reached out to the DA’s sex trafficking unit.

Hynes’s office immediately launched an investigation and arrested Rogers Downtown as soon as a grand jury brought its indictment. His two victims were liberated and have been returned to their families, Hynes said.

Rogers and Songster were charged with kidnapping, sex trafficking, rape, promoting a sexual performance by a child and the torturing and injuring of animals.

But defense attorney Samuel Karliner refuted the charges, claiming that the DA’s case was built on the testimony of a questionable witness.

“The basis of their charges is really on the credibility of one person who has come forward some two to three years later,” Karliner said.

Anyone with information about someone who is being forced to work as a prostitute is asked to call the Brooklyn Sex Trafficking Unit Hotline, at (718) 250-2770.

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