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A Face of Hope-Christina Taylor Green 9/11/01-1/8/11 Taken Too Soon By The Face of Terror #parents #kids #tcot

Here is a clip from the New York Times which I felt was fairly informative in getting to know more about the nine-year old victim, Christina Green. I think the loss of life in Tucson,AZ yesterday was more horrific because of her senseless death at such a young age. It is also sad to know she entered this world as a 'face of hope' on the same day our country was attacked on September 11, 2001 by Islamic terrorists and now her life has ended on a tragic day that nobody will forget, especially those of us in Tucson, AZ. My heart broke upon the news there was a child shot and one of the first casualties I felt such a loss, as a parent. I can't even imagine having to live without my sons or one of them and having to remain strong for the other. Christina had an 11 year old older brother who was going to attend the event with Gabriel Giffords,but he had karate practice. I suppose the parents are now thankful their only son was not there and another possible casualty or victim.

Christina Green was on the student council of her elementary school, so on Saturday her mother’s friend thought she might enjoy seeing government in action — the local congresswoman meeting with constituents outside a supermarket near Christina’s home.“I allowed her to go, thinking it would be an innocent thing,” said the girl’s mother, Roxanna Green, 45

It did not turn out that way. A gunman shot Representative Gabrielle Giffords, leaving her unconscious and in critical condition, and his fusillade killed six others, including Christina, a 9-year-old who loved animals and volunteered at a children’s charity.

She was special from birth because she was born on Sept. 11, 2001, and she was proud of it, her mother said, because it lent a grace note of hope to that terrible day.

“It was an emotional time for everyone in the family, but Christina’s birth was a happy event and made the day bittersweet,” her mother said in a telephone interview from their Tucson home.

Indeed, Christina, who was born when the family was living in West Grove, Pennsylvania, was one of the 50 “Faces of Hope” representing babies from 50 states who were born on 9/11. Their images were printed in a book, with some of the proceeds used to raise money for a 9/11 charity.

“From the very beginning, she was an amazing child,” her mother said. “She was very bright, very mature, off the charts. She was the brightest thing that happened that day.”

Her mother, who grew up as Roxanna Segalini in the Bronx and Scarsdale, N.Y., is a registered nurse by training, and has been a stay-at-home mom shepherding Christina and her 11-year-old brother, Dallas. Christina’s father, John Green, is a supervising scout for the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team. Her grandfather, Dallas Green, managed the Philadelphia Phillies to the 1980 World Series championship and also managed the Yankees and Mets.

Christina was an A student and was interested in politics, so her mother accepted the offer by her friend Susan Hileman to take Christina to the congresswoman’s town hall meeting. John Green told the Arizona Star that Christina was such a good speaker, “I could have easily seen her as a politician.”

But Christina also seems to have inherited her family’s baseball genes. She was on the Little League baseball team, its only girl, her mother said.

“She was an athlete, a good dancer, a good gymnast, a good swimmer,” her mother said. “She belonged to Kids Helping Kids charity and tried to help children less fortunate.”

Christina, a slender girl with brownish blonde hair, brown eyes and a gentle smile, also sang in the choir at St. Odilia Roman Catholic Church. At home she took care of pet geckos, but loved frolicking with the dogs and cats of neighbors and friends. In the big-dreams way of children, she told her mother she wanted to be a veterinarian and study at an eastern school like New York University.

“She was cute as a button,” her mother said. “I could never imagine this was going to happen.”

Mark Henle/The Arizona Republic, via Associated Press  Greg Segalini held a photo of his niece Christina Green and his sister, Roxanna Green, in Tucson.

According to local news channel KVOA, Thursday at 1pm at St.Elizabeth Ann Seton is where funeral services for Christina Taylor Green will be held in Tucson, AZ
A Face of Hope Christina Taylor Green


9-year-old victim Christina Taylor Green was born Sept 11,2001!

Nobody really knows why Jared Loughner did what he did, as his postings and rants are delusional and make little sense to rational people. It is obvious he was a mentally disturbed person who had a history of odd behavior, including drug charges. It is unfortunate he was not given the help he needed. The college he attended last, Pima County College had recently suspended Jared due to his outbursts in class and maniacal laughing. The college advised the parents he could not return until he had a mental evaluation declaring him safe and not a danger to himself or others. Unfortunately, Jared Loughner is not talking yet and based on his rants and background officials are only able to piece together his reasoning for doing what he did, but from what they have learned he intended to assassinate Gabriel Giffords and he may not have expected to survive. He was well armed with an extra magazine holding another 31 bullets after he had already shot off one with 31 bullets. His Pima Community College instructor, Ben McGahee told Fox News he always wondered when he turned his back if Jared would be armed with a gun. He felt Jared was a danger, said he was very quiet but would have outbursts, he would right nonsensical random thoughts, like 'Mayhem Fest' on one of his tests. He had counselors talk to him and called the Dean to get him out of his class. On one occasion, Jared told him that he violated his First Amendment rights with free speech. Jared's behavior was very bizarre, a fellow student who worked at a psychiatric hospital said she was disturbed by his behavior&felt menaced. Jared felt his class was a scam. His instructor,Ben McGahee, said the college counselors told him he could return to class and to behave, he had not done anything to harm anyone so felt he could return to class;but the instructor persevered and went to the Dean and had Jared removed from the classroom. He always felt there was something going on and that he might be planning something but he couldn't say when or where he was going to do it. He's glad he had him removed from the classroom and thankful he did what he did. Here's a video clip of the interview with his instructor:

It's too bad the instructor couldn't have done more, but the school did request his parents have him evaluated and it is still unknown whether he was or if Jared refused help. Hopefully, as we learn more we will find out if he was ever evaluated for mental illness or received any help for his drug use, but for now, all we can do is go by what we learn from officials through the media. Unfortunately, the local Pima County Sheriff, Clarence Dupnik, has been speaking to the media and not only relaying facts, but also misinformation based on his opinion. Which I discussed and shared here. Here is the actual video from the interview given by Pima County Sheriff Dupnik to Megyn Kelly of Fox News today

Newsbusters also has some great commentary and the full transcript of the interview with Sheriff Dupnik. Noel Sheppard does a good job breaking down the bias and slinging of rhetoric by an elected official, who should be sharing only facts with viewers not his personal opinion, which there is no substantial proof motivated Jared Loughner's actions.

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