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If you're stupid enough to self-abort your own baby,risk death or pain! #prolife #prochoice

This is in response to a former twitter ‘friend’ who decided to judge & defame me because our views differ on abortion and she didn't like the hard truth when I said if a woman is dumb enough to risk her own life &abort she deserves risk she takes. My response wouldn‘t fit in the comments section of her blog&she probably wouldn‘t publish the truth anyway so here is my response:

Why do you lie on your blog?? I never deleted any tweet/comments regarding this issue,which she alleges on her blog and I stand by my views on abortion and those who choose to self-abort.  Here is the conversation&context of discussion:

@ if a woman is dumb engh 2 attempt her own abortion I guess she takes the risk she deserves; still isn't safe

replies ↓
rt @ if a woman is dumb 2 attempt own I guess she takes the risk she deserves; still isn't safe
@ .@ wow patty that's very un Christian of u to b so judgmental in that way. jesus wud nt approve.
.@ @ Christians are allowed to have opinions;just because you don't agree doesn't make me unChristian
@ @ it's how I feel;I dn't condone abortion but if some1 is 'dumb'engh 2attempt it&risk own life&her baby not smart

I call it personal responsibility, if you take your own life or that of another you risk the consequences of death and deserve the consequences of your actions;just like a drunk driver who kills someone must pay the price for their crime or risk own death. Whether the abortion is done legally or not there are always consequences of death and other complications; including infertility.

Also, death rates from abortions are inaccurate because many states don't report them accurately:

Abortion deaths inaccurate CA stopped reporting&they were responsible for 17 – 20% of all US abortions

Some facts on abortion risks:

100% greater risk of medical complications for women under 20 than for women 25-29.Canadian Journal of Public Health,Vol.73
breast cancer increases 90% for abortions performed after 18 wks,&150% if under 18.Mads Melbye et al.,New Eng Jrnl of Med Vol.336

38 univ studies:30% overall increased breast cancer risk after abortion. Joel Brind,et al., Epidemiology&Community Health,Vol. 481(96)
24% post abortion risks: excessive bleeding, premature delivery, cervical incompetence or rupture of placenta.

Women who have one abortion 4x more likely to abort a later pregnancy. American Journal of Public Health, Vol. 78(6)
teen girls 10x more likely to attempt suicide if had an abortion in last 6mos Garfinkel,,Stress Depression,&Suicide:MINN Univ
150% gr8tr cervical injury risk as a result of abortion 4women >20 than 4 women over 30 yrs of age. New EnglJ rnl of Med,Vol.309

Placenta previa,extremely severe, life threatening bleeding future pregnancies,+600% after abortion AmerJrnl ofObs&GynVol.141

Tubal(ectopic) pregnancies+30% after one abortion, and by 160% after 2 or more abortions.Amer Jrnl of Obs&Gyn,Vol.160

Study Confirms Link Between Abortion&Substance Abuse;incr 4x more likely abuse drugs or alcohol, The Post Abortion Review,Vol. 1 No. 3

14% of women who have abortion miscarry future pregnancy, risk +200% w/multiple abortions JrnlofAmer MedAssoc,Vol.243

Condoms fail to protect against ~1/3 sexually active girls.HPV leading cause of cervical cancer kills about 7Kwomen/yr&Chlamydia;cause of infertility

Father of Genetics, Dr. Lejeune discovered genetic cause of Down Syndrome w/in 3-7 days after fertilization can determine if new human being is boy or girl.

93 analysis 11 different medical studies, condoms were found to have 31% avg failure rate preventing sexual transmission of deadly AIDS virus

When people say I'm on the wrong side of the Pro-Life issue. I tell 'em this.

Finally, as for being anti-Christian; that is you judging me; pot, meet kettle...this is what Christ believes:
Service to the unborn constitutes the most selfless form of love [not live your lifestyle the way you want regardless of consequences &w/out personal responsibility&not w/out regard for innocent life regardless how the baby was conceived ie: rape]

If you support murdering children because of the sins of their fathers, you're not pro-life, Christian nor a believer in God. Read Duet 24:16

There is rarely if ever a reason to terminate a pregnancy: Choose to SAVE LIFE families faced w/difficult prenatal decision&chose not to terminate.

The hard truth about abortion that prochoicers/proabort deny:

Former abortionist M.Hill,M.D:Ive taken lives of innocent babies&I ripped em from mother's wombs w/powerful vacuums

Former abortionist,ALevatino,MD:I want public 2know Drs know this is a person, this is a baby; not blob of tissue

Former abortion counselor, Nita Whitten: It’s a lie when they tell u they're ding it2help women. They do it 4 $$

Former Abortion Clinic Dir,Carol Everett: “We weren't helping women -- we were destroying them -- and their children."

Former abortion clinic dir,CarolEverett:women were told that we were dealing w/a "product of conception" or a "glob of tissue; for $$

A baby is more than cells&tissues;whether in the womb or out- a person is a person no matter how small&God loves them all!

Finally, being prolife is about making responsible choices:1-raise the baby&love it 2-put baby up for adoption 3-abstain if can't do 1 or 2 or 4-get fixed!! Take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY but also respect innocent life you carry!

If you are pro-choice you risk chance of aborting your 1st&only child when you 'choose' to abort; be pro-life &love your child; may be the only one you get!!

You probably don't care about the truth and facts though since you are only care about your wants, needs & rights; to H**** with innocent life who were given a God given right to live&exist in a woman's womb. And if you don’t believe in God; there is still no humane reason to take the life of an innocent baby so that you can live the life& lifestyle you want!

I will continue to speak out against those who harm themselves [&their souls] by harming the unborn, and yes, if they are dumb enough to risk performing their own abortion then they are taking the risk of death and will by personal actions deserve what they get. While I don't wish death on anyone,taking unnecessary risks will lead to greater consequences. ‘Safe and legal abortions’ are NOT safe and do NOT save lives; but they are guaranteed to end an innocent life! Unless the baby is lucky enough to survive, like That is why I choose life and I want women to stop aborting babies, legal or illegal!! Respect all life from yours to the unborn, no matter how old, how rich, how poor, or what race!! Everyone deserves a chance and Constitutional right to life,liberty and happiness, but above all their God given, inalienable right to life!

So take back your lie& take the sliver from your own eye, because I never removed my tweet you allege was ‘anti-Christian‘. Of course you probably won't even publish/read this because you don't want people to know the truth about me and abortion, but God knows and he will be the final judge of your soul and whether you lived a life protecting innocent life or not! Go in peace to love and serve the Lord! If you don't believe in God;go in peace &love and serve humanity by allowing ALL humans the right to live.

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