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This is prochoice&nationalized health care for you-#babyJoseph to have ventilator w/drawn&sent home to die! #prolife #tcot #hc

I've been following this story the past week and am heartbroken to hear the health care system in Canada puts the value of life in the hands of a Court system rather then the family's.

The story of baby Joseph reminds me of a story I blogged about last year in Canada: URGENT:Don't let them 'pull the plug' on baby Isaiah! Sadly, baby Isaiah lost his battle with the courts and was left to die as well. It makes you wonder how many times a day,year these events are happening in countries where socialized care is in place and how many countries are deciding who lives and who dies based on the countries 'health care allocation officials opinion'. How soon before this system is in place in the US under the new Affordable Care Act/Obamacare??

This is another reason we as a society need to become a culture of life rather than a culture of 'choice' and death. Nobody other than the family themselves should be able to consent to removing life saving medical care from another person. This is another case in Canada where a baby's life is on the line because a board of bureaucrats[otherwise known as death panels] have decided it is ok to remove a breathing tube from a baby they deem non-viable. Yet his parents are fighting to save his life and give him a chance to live and die naturally at home.[see update below] I would be extremely upset to ever have to be in this position, especially when there is a chance that he could live another six months at home after the tracheotomy. Why don't they err on the side of life&at least try to let him have a chance at life another six months or longer?

A Canadian hospital is still threatening to remove the life support for Baby Joseph Maraachli, a one-year-old boy from Windsor, Ontario, has been at Victoria Hospital in London since October with a rare deteriorating condition that is not improving.

This comes after good news where the parents of the child thought the hospital would not remove the life support and where they hoped he would be able to be taken to a hospital in Michigan that would provide appropriate care and treatment.

The doctors who have cared for him want to remove his breathing tube but Moe Maraachli and Sana Nader took their battle to court to allow the tube to be removed at home , so the boy can die surrounded by his family. A Superior Court judge in London, Ontario, last week, dismissed the request of the Canadian couple to overturn a decision requiring the removal of their baby’s feeding tube in a hospital instead of at home.

Then, Alex Schadenberg, the director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, told in an email late Sunday that his group was able to help the couple find a new attorney and make progress.

Now, the hospital is threatening to remove Joseph’s life support and the Office of the Public Guardian may be getting involved in the case and could issue a decision forcing the removal of the life support as early as today, according to the CBC. The office could not get involved in the case on Monday because of an official holiday, and it was closed.

The CBC indicates the potential transfer to Children’s Hospital of Michigan is in the works. Victoria Hospital sent Joseph’s records to the hospital on Monday and the family’s lawyer, Mark Handelman, said he is doing everything he can to get Joseph transferred. The transfer has not been approved and Laurie Gould, a spokesperson for London Health Sciences Centre, confirmed to the CBC that no official request has been received from the hospital for one.

Schadenberg described the case in comments over the weekend: “Baby Joseph has a terminal condition. His parents experienced a similar tragic situation with their first child (a daughter) who died more than eight years ago. At that time the doctors gave their daughter a tracheotomy, that enabled the Maraachli family to bring their daughter home and care for her. She lived six more months and in the end she died naturally in the loving arms of her parents.”

“The Maraachli family asked Victoria hospital that the same be done for Joseph,” he said. “Victoria hospital refused and instead brought the family to the Consent and Capacity board to have the ventilator withdrawn. The Consent and Capacity board sided with the hospital. The family challenged that decision to the Ontario Superior Court who, on Thursday, sided with the Consent and Capacity board and decided that the ventilator would be withdrawn on Monday.”

Schadenberg says the couple is facing significant legal costs and donations to the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition will go to supporting them.

The Consent and Capacity Board of Ontario, an independent agency that is devoted to dealing with Health Care Consent Act, ruled on January 26 in favor of the doctors. Last week, Justice Helen Rady said she agreed with the board’s decision in a ruling that came just an hour after attorneys for both sides made their case in court, according to the Windsor Star newspaper.

As a result, doctors were to remove Joseph’s breathing tube on Monday morning.

“I do my best for my baby. My son is not a criminal . . . to just let him die,” Moe Maraachli said after the decision, according to the newspaper. “They are taking my baby away from me.”

Maraachli said he didn’t know how he would break the news to his wife, who was so emotionally distraught she was unable to sit through the hearing. He also did not know how he would explain the decision to the couples other child, who is seven years old.

The baby’s parents want a tracheotomy performed on their son so they can take him off the respirator and bring him home to live his last days surrounded by family. The London hospital has refused to perform the procedure.

Matthew Archbold of the Catholic blog Creative Minority Report responded to the decision last week saying, “I can’t even imagine what these parents are going through. These people want a tracheotomy done so they can care for the child at home but the hospital’s saying the surgery is too risky so instead they’ll just remove life support and let him die. So…what happens if the tracheotomy fails? He might die. So to avoid the possibility of death the hospital is going to ensure death.”


Joseph Maraachli is dying. The one-year-old boy is currently connected to a breathing machine at a London, Ontario hospital. His doom is written in an undiagnosed neurological disorder, from which doctors say he will never recover.

The hospital has been trying to disconnect his life support for some time, while his parents make frantic efforts to keep him alive. They have requested a tracheostomy, which they say helped a previous child with a similar condition live for an extra six months, but the Canadian hospital considers the procedure “needlessly invasive.” As a Fox News report puts it, using language guaranteed to send a chill down the spines of American readers, “Canadian health care allocation officials already ruled that Joseph had to be taken off life support and allowed to die in the hospital.”[my emphasis]

Court orders have kept him alive this far, but he appears to have exhausted his appeals. His parents started a “Save Baby Joseph” Facebook page, which has accumulated over 12,000 fans.

Neonatology experts have asserted that Joseph should have received his tracheostomy long ago. Although his doctors classify him as “vegetative,” Joseph has responded to stimulation from his parents, and his hands are restrained to keep him from pulling out his breathing tube.

Joseph’s parents tried to get an American hospital in Michigan to perform the procedure, but they “declined to accept the boy as a patient after reviewing his medical files.” The hospital in Ontario has modified its judgment slightly, and decided to transport the boy home, where it will remove his life support equipment and allow him to die.

Isn't that just heartbreaking to know the parents have to take their son home knowing that his chances of survival are even less since the hospital wouldn't perform the tracheotomy they did on their daughter who lived an additional six months. I don't understand why the US hospital wouldn't take him and after hearing the Schiavo Foundation was involved trying to save his life. I had also heard someone offered to pay for his transport to an American hospital but why wouldn't any take him??So sad, may his family and baby Joseph be comforted in each others arms during his last days surrounded by love,family and friends and may God grant them peace and comfort during this difficult time.


UK-Baby OT: parents may sue hospital over right-to-die battle

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