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Wow!! NY Times: Hot Women are Pro-Life #prolife #tcot #kids #parents

I came across this article today while tweeting about abortion and pro-life issues. I had to laugh because while honest& flattering, it is also humorously written. It's amazing after spending more time on twitter  discussing abortion the past week, I find  the majority of 'pro-choice' women/pro-women feminists[feminazis] argument for keeping abortion legal clearly shows how many of these women don't care about the life of the innocent human life& child in their womb, nor the parental rights of a father and how self-serving and self-centered they really are. Here is a sample of some of the comments/tweets I received just today under the #prolife hashtag, with my comments in brackets:

RT @PeriodPiece: A fetus is not a child. Abortion is not murder.   #prochoice [LIES
 RT @PeriodPiece: Forcing woman to remain pregnant against her will is called #slavery #prochoice is [NOT ]#prolife   [sick thinking;to compare pregnancy to enslavement]

RT@juliewashere88 @littlebytesnews You put your fetus fetus above the lives of people that actually exist.You kill women. #prochoice IS #prolife @PeriodPiece  #prochoice [LIES

RT @juliewashere88: @PeriodPiece @littlebytesnews the irony is that pretending a fetus is a baby is a lie. A lie that kills women. #prochoice #prolife << #prochoice [LIES

RT @antitheistangie: @littlebytesnews Yeah and when you have a headache, use a condom, or don't f--k[my edit] that night you prevent a child from existing. Point? [ignorance is bliss]

RT @PeriodPiece: Abortion is always about preserving the rights & freedom of women. No one can use a person's body w/o permission. #prochoice is #prolife [so self-serving; PROCHOICE is NOT PROLIFE]

Then there are those who use excuses like: #prochoice says:children in foster care waiting for families,no need 2 make women baby machines [My reply:   #prochoice  solution KILL em? Be #prolife] Margaret Sanger,Planned Parenthood founder,and eugenics advocate would be proud.

As you can see, many are from the same users throughout today's conversation;but most 'feministas', pro-women,pro-choice advocates all use the same old argument and it boils down to what I call the 'me,myself and I syndrome'.  I guess with that kind of attitude against #prolife women, such as Lila Rose,Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann and other pro-life women it is no surprise the bitterness and ugliness is not just on the outside for some,but on the inside.

Gail Collins, NYT Columnist, on a Favorite Book (VIDEO)

Hot women are pro-life. Hey,it's not me saying it. It's the New York Times. And oddly enough they don't seem thrilled about it.

Doing her best imitation of the Wicked Queen from Snow White, Gail Collins[pictured on the right] screeches in her latest NY Times column that she's a bit perturbed that pro-life women are all young and beautiful.
“Planned Parenthood aids and abets the sexual abuse and prostitution of minors,” announced Lila Rose,[pictured below] the beautiful anti-abortion activist who led the project. The right wing is currently chock-full of stunning women who want to end their gender’s right to control their own bodies. Homely middle-aged men are just going to have to find another sex to push around.
Awww. Frumpy aging hispters are getting a little angry at pretty pro-lifers. Let's make this clear, the pro-life movement is chock-full of stunning women who don't want a bunch of frumpy middle-aged hags telling them what freedom means. They know that freedom starts with life. That's what makes the pro-aborts angry.

They've seen the effects of your utopian vision and have rejected it. Feminists are perturbed because posterity has kicked them in the posterior. I understand that it must be difficult for all those bra-burning Woodstock wanna-bes to see a new generation come along and say they were wrong. It's no wonder they get all "I'll get you my pretty" on beautiful young pro-lifers.

Have you seen the March for Life? So many young, vibrant and beautiful people, their eyes full of hope and smiles on their faces. It's inspiring to most, except if you see their beauty, hope, and optimism as a threat like Gail Collins clearly does.

I almost want to start a calendar or something just to to tweak the hags. We could call it the "Women of Extremism" Calendar. That'll really get them going.

Word of advice to Lila Rose: don't accept any apples from New York Times columnists.

Source:NY Times: Hot Women are Pro-Life

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