Friday, March 04, 2011

Did 13yro CA girls parents plan to force their daughter into a prearranged marriage in Pakistan?? #islam #tcot

Did the parents plan to force their daughter into a prearranged marriage?? If not, why did they lie about the Facebook story that she was abducted by someone she met on Facebook??

Girl, 13, says she fled home to avoid a forced marriage in Pakistan

Authorities searching for Jessie Marie Bender, 13, of Hesperia found her Wednesday at an Apple Valley motel. She told them that her family had planned to take her to Pakistan, where they were going to marry her off.


A relative says Jessie Bender, 13, of Hesperia was running away from a forced marriage.

Standing in front of TV cameras at a Hesperia gas station Monday, the distraught mother of a missing teenager made an urgent plea.

"If you are holding my daughter, please let her go," Melissa Bender said. "Please, I beg you to let my daughter go. She's just 13 years old."

Jessie Marie Bender had been missing a week. Her mother told authorities she feared the girl had run away with a Chicago man she met on Facebook. Following the family's initial report, the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department launched a massive search in the High Desert town for the girl, bringing in agents from the FBI, the U.S. Marshals Service, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Chicago police.

On Wednesday afternoon, detectives found the girl at an Apple Valley motel. She was hiding there, authorities said, with the help of an uncle who said she was running away from a forced marriage in Pakistan.

Investigators are now trying to find out whether such a marriage was being planned, said sheriff's spokeswoman Roxanne Walker. But they know that the girl left home because she was scared.

"Jessie was afraid to go to Pakistan with her mom," Walker said. "She was concerned about the situation, and she didn't want to go."

Melissa Bender, holding the door to her home slightly ajar, told a reporter Thursday that a forced marriage was not being planned. In a voice just above a whisper she said the family had planned a trip to Pakistan in February to visit the family of her 6-year-old daughter's father.

"I just wanted my daughter to see it and experience it," Bender said.

She said that she and her significant other, Mohammad Khan, a Pakistani man, passed lie detector tests and that she didn't expect any charges would be filed against her.

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