Sunday, March 13, 2011

#exposePP Planned Parenthood & the Girls Scouts Teaching Masturbation? #prolife #parents #education #tcot #sexed

"At a meeting sponsored bu the United Nations last year, the people from Planned Parenthood had a sit-down with the Girl Scouts. Adult supervision was not allowed. The girls were as young as 10 years old. At this meeting the girls were advised to:

  • Spend some time masturbating to learn what makes them feel good.
  • Learn how to experiment with different techniques to bring pleasure to their sex partners.
  • Advised that it was not necessary to advise their partners if they were HIV positive and advised that doing so might lead to a fight or a break-up.
Read the complete story here.

We need to make sure that the Girl Scouts get the message that partnering with Planned Parenthood is not acceptable. Planned Parenthood is the country's largest abortion provider. They make their money by distributing means of artificial contraception that they know will eventually fail. When this happens they are more than willing to kill the baby for you, at a price, of course."

adult leaders were not allowed in the room. (click here for the whole story) In that meeting, they made available to the girls their eighteen page booklet, Healthy, Happy, and Hot (click here to read it).
In this booklet, Planned Parenthood actually advises girls that they don’t have to tell their sex partners if they have HIV!! From the booklet:
You have the right to decide if, when, and how to disclose your HIV status.

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