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Mommy It's Me...Don't let them rip me from you.No, mommy, no #prolife #prochoice #parents #kids #internationalwomensday

I came across this great video tonight and had to share it.

How any woman can deny a fetus is a baby is beyond me. What's worse is they know it is a baby yet dehumanize them to justify killing them because they are 'unwanted' or 'unplanned' pregnancies. It makes you wonder what they tell their kids they do allow to live...I had one prochoice atheist tell me he would tell his daughter when she gets older if she asks about abortion, that she was given 'permission to live' by her mother. What a crazy thing to say and what a crazy world we live in when people are allowed to dispose of their unborn child for convenience sake. I have some on twitter tell me they equate pregnancy with slavery, a fetus with tapeworm/parasites and view pictures of fetus as 'fetal porn' or 'aliens'.

I received this tweet today from:

Marie PhD [and she claims to have a PhD??]
you can't murder something that doesn't breath. besides fetuses look like alien freaks to me. is
These people are truly disturbed. I hope they don't have any children, and if they do it makes me wonder what they tell them. They are truly sad, sick and inhumane. It just gives more reason to end abortion because these women who call it a reproductive right and a woman's right are really just advocating for a right to kill a defenseless human being because they are unwanted/unplanned.

Abortion must not remain legal in this country. As long as it does the lives of millions more innocent children will be lost. Women who want to abort illegally will have to suffer the consequences and pay the price for their actions, if they live through it, they not only risk their life, but end an innocent living human beings life. They should be punished to the full extent of the law, and sadly this choice to end a life may leave many children without mothers, but what kind of mother would selectively kill one baby over another? Timing is never a reason! School can be finished later or during pregnancy, children can be given up for adoption if need be.

There is NEVER a legitimate reason to end a life. Also, see for families who continue their pregnancies despite terminal illness of the fetus or defects. Women who have health problems should never abort either, an ethical doctor will do all to treat her illness, while doing the best to save the life of both. The intentional killing of the fetus is NEVER necessary!

Mommy It's Me

Mommy it's me your little baby
Mommy it's me your darling child
Though now I must just grow inside of you
I Can't wait to feel your touch and see your lovely smile
Mommy I'm so excited about my growth and just the other day
God started forming my little bitty face
I wonder when he's finished if I'll look just like you
I think of what you'll teach me and all the things we'll do
Mommy I heard this peaceful sound; was that laughter?
At that moment your expression I longed to see
I moved and I jumped so you could feel me
To say mommy I love you and it's me
I hear you when you sing, now I have favorite songs
I move and I kick, that's my way of singing along
I think of how wonderful it will be
When I am born and it's you and me
I listen to your heart beat; it lulls me to sleep
Filling my existence with incredible peace
Peace of knowing that when I'm born
You'll tuck me in with the same care
Peaceful sleep I know I'll find
Just knowing that you're there
Guess what mommy, I have fingers, toes, a heart, lungs and kidneys
Everything I need I am getting bigger everyday
Yet still a little small indeed
I don't know my name, but I know my name will fit me perfectly
I a pretty as a rose with a smile so bright
When you see my face, you'll name me right
I wish there was an ultrasound that will let me see you
But I guess I'll just have to wait, what else can a baby do?
Mommy...well, never mind. Well, it's just I'm so excited
I don't know how long nine months is or just when we'll be united
Good morning, mommy, it's me your little bundle of joy
I didn't hear your peaceful sound, are you not laughing anymore?
I didn't feel you rub me, I didn't hear you sing
But I can still hear your heartbeat and feel you breathe
I keep hearing an awful sound with the rise and fall of your chest
Mommy, tell me what's going on, is this what is called stress?
Is the sound crying? Oh, mommy, why do you cry?
When I am born you can depend on me to help you dry your eyes
I'll remember our favorite songs and I'll help you sing
mommy you just be strong, you'll see, joy I'll bring
Mommy, mommy, come on let's sing and remember the love that we share
Let that love get you through this hard time, where life seems so unfair
Momma take out your ultrasound and remember me your gift
Then maybe your pain will subside, maybe it will lift
Mommy I have been praying, momma have you prayed?
I haven't felt you walking around, why in the bed you stayed?
Mommy mommy I need you, I need your peaceful sound
Mommy, mommy, stop crying, mommy don't let yourself drown
Mommy, mommy, where are we, mommy I saw a light
I know it's not time for me to be born, and something doesn't feel right
Mommy, I need to stay in a little longer, I can't breathe yet on my own
Mommy, mommy, help me, get up and take me home
Mommy, what are they doing to me? Mommy, I'm in pain
Mommy, who am I supposed to be, mommy, what's my name?
Mommy, mommy, it's me, I have your little face
Mommy, mommy, they're hurting me, mommy, what is this place?
Mommy I was perfect and growing perfectly
Now this injustice, is happening to me
Mommy, you can save me, and give me a chance at life
I promise to be good, and sleep through the night
Do you love me? Can you hear me? Can you hear my plea?
Mommy talk to me, oh mommy it's me
Don't let them rip me from you. No, mommy, no
Mommy, it's me, mommy, it's me, mommy it's me
Mommy, it's me, mommy, it's me, mommy it's...............?

"Yes, it's your choice...don't make it under stress or duress, make the best choice with the child, what does the baby want, a chance at life? We all get our chance at death, Why Now?

Other resources and alternatives to abortion:

Fact:there are approximately 2 million couples in the USA seeking to adopt a child, who have already completed the adoption application process! Choose life and let every human being have an equal chance at life! This is a human rights issue, not a religious issue and not a women's rights issue!

©2008-2010 Patricia Garza

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