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#parents #prolife Survey:While ladies are busy focusing on their career,young men they work alongside are dreaming about becoming dads.

While the feminist movement has pushed women to become equal to men;it has also pushed more women away from their traditional roles of motherhood. After Roe V Wade passed in 1973, women found they could become equal to men by taking away their physical ability to give birth by terminating the pregnancy through abortion.

In result, the US has allowed over 50 million unborn babies to die from abortion in the last 38 years. Women's equality should not include shame or dislike for your womanhood ability to conceive. As a matter of fact, I had one 'pro-choice feminist' today on twitter tell me:

@JuliaMathewson: @littlebytesnews My right to self-defense means I can fight back if another person/organism attacks me - even if it's a fetus in my uterus!

As if the baby is attacking her like a rapist attacks a woman. These feminists are going to the extreme with their emotional analogies and rhetoric in order to defend the indefensible.

However, as females we are the only human gender who can conceive a child and give birth. Women should honor this gift and protect it with integrity and spare all life. Having children and becoming a mother doesn't make you less of a woman it makes you a stronger woman. As any mother can tell you having kids is a tough job, often tireless, demanding and with little appreciation. I especially commend and respect single moms who keep a job, food on the table and raise well-rounded kids.

I met one older woman recently who ended up in a divorce after having three boys. She said she was married at 18 and had her first child too young. Her marriage eventually dissolved after three children, three boys. She managed to keep her life in order, raise three successful sons on her own and did it all without the help of their father or family nearby. I was very fond and impressed with her ability to have done that. It takes a special woman to be a single mother and raise well-rounded and educated kids. Amazingly, her boys all grew up to have PhD's, with one earning a Master's in Education. He now works educating teachers, by providing the teacher curriculum and training the teachers each year for a large school district,where my oldest son attends .

Anyway, I thought this article was interesting regarding this recent survey which finds more men want children while women are still more focused on their careers,and fulfilling the woman's movement, rather than becoming mothers. As our society and economy weaken it makes me realize more and more it is because the family unit has deteriorated. More women are not getting married and having kids and if they are they are getting pregnant, they are disposing of them like garbage through abortion, or using contraceptives to prevent pregnancy.

Sadly men have little say when a woman 'chooses' abortion because the old mantra,'my body, my choice', is still dominant among today's 'feminists' as it was in the 60's. Thankfully, for society the next generation is becoming more pro-life and hopefully more pro-family,pro-marriage and pro-children. Statistics have shown that a society becomes extinct if the race doesn't maintain at least two children per average family,if not three.
Any less makes it impossible to provide the growth necessary to sustain the infrastructure, financial and other needs of Society, especially Social Security and Retirement funds, Stock & Bond prices, and the price levels of homes.

• 1950's there were 8 workers per retiree, today there are only 3 workers per retiree, too few to support Social Security and retirement funds, stock and bond prices, price levels of homes.

• 2.2 average children per family would be zero growth, so you have to have at least 3 children per family not to have negative growth.
So those lonely women and men out there, I hope you start not only finding yourselves and establishing careers, I hope you start having families to keep our species,society and economy alive for future generations.

Marketing manager Dan Gibson lists career, a house and marriage as his top life priorities. Photo / Brett Phibbs

Getting a pay rise or a compliment at work is more important to many young women than getting married or having children.
But while the ladies are busy focusing on their career, it would appear the young men they work alongside are dreaming about becoming dads.
A new Colmar Brunton survey of nearly 500 '20-somethings' has found priorities for young men and women seem to be challenging traditional stereotypes.
Females rated getting paid, getting a work compliment and getting a pay rise more highly on a scale of 1-7 than men did.
When asked to list a number of priorities for the next two to three years and for before they reach 35, they put "being recognised as a leader" or "expertise in their field" at the top of both categories.
Men listed having children as their top short-term priority while they wanted to buy a new car before they reached 35.
Colmar Brunton's youth insights director and leader of the study, Spencer Willis, said while young men were also interested in work, the statistics showed they were far more eager to get married and have children than their female counterparts.
Mr Willis said the reversing roles trend had been building for five to 10 years but the gap between the two genders was now bigger, prompting warnings that "the friction between the male desire for fatherhood and the female priorities could be challenging" in the future.
He even went as far as to question whether the reversing roles could be responsible for the "cougar syndrome".
"You've got a group of young women who are driven in their career - and have been bloody good at it and hugely successful. The next thing you know their classmates from university, these young males were pining for parenthood and settling down at 25-30 years of age, have achieved that and those guys are no longer available. Is there a correlation between that?"
Young men the Weekend Herald spoke to yesterday had differing opinions on the survey findings, with several saying there was no way they were thinking about kids yet.
But Politix marketing manager Dan Gibson, 24, said he wasn't so surprised by the findings.
"I'd love to have a kid now if I could afford it."
He said children, career recognition and buying a house in the next few years would all make his short-term list of priorities - although he added he wanted to get married before taking the step into fatherhood.
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