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Parents watch house burn&do nothing to save their kids - They must have been #prochoice? #prolife #parents

They must have been 'prochoice' parents and decided they didn't want to have kids anymore so they thought they'd get rid of the 'inconvenience' by letting the house burn down with the two young kids inside. What a bunch of sick people in the world.

I'm surprised they didn't just abort them, that's what most prochoice parents do. Sadly, though it seems the real problem here is the parents were negligent and on drugs. I hope they don't get their kids back again unless they are proven to be clean and competent to care for their children.

Matthew Scott Muir and Brittney Faulkner

Thank god, for neighbors like Mark Carlile who miraculously pulled Matthew Scott Muir and Brittney Faulkner’s small children from their burning trailer whole they stood back and did nothing.

Had it not been for Mark Carlile, 16-month-old Austin and his 3-year-old brother Kelsey could have very easily been lost to the smoke and fire.

As Mark Carlile prepared to mow his lawn he noticed smoke coming from his neighbors home. The parents Matthew Muir and Brittney Faulkner were already safely outside but their two children were nowhere to be found.

Although Carlile did not know them well he knew they had two small children, and he did not see them outside with the parents.

According to eyewitnesses, the parents did not seem concern or remotely interested in going back into the house to get their small kids.

Carlile then did what any self respecting person would do, he entered the burning house to look for the children.
On his hands and knees, Carlile crawled through the burning trailer hoping to hear the children. After a short while, he found them and brought them safely from the house.

"I've walked a lot of beams, but this was the scariest thing I have ever done, I was not going to come out of there without those babies."

The fire department arrived shortly after; it would take over an hour to contain the fire. According to the detectives, the fire was started after Muir left a candle unattended.

The two children are both okay and living with relatives; Muir who was observed outside the fire acting as if he were on drugs was arrested along with Faulkner.Both are being charged with child endangerment, and felony recklessly causing a fire.


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