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#prolife #parents #abuse Indianapolis:Mother charged with murder and infanticide

Mother: Bei Bei Shuai, from Indianapolis, has been charged with murder and infanticide after drinking rat poison in the final week of her pregnancy

This is another sad and disgusting story of child abuse, but in this case the mother is charged with infanticide after taking rat poison in a suicide attempt after her boyfriend left her. Women should never put their life or another life at risk simply because they are distraught because their boyfriend or husband wants to leave them, had an affair or abuses her physically or mentally.

Women need to empower themselves and leave these abusive and betraying relationships and respect themselves and their life better.  Mother's who find themselves in abusive relationships or abandoned by a 'beloved' partner need to love themselves more. You can't love anyone else until you love and respect yourself and those around you that you claim to love.

This woman should have seen a counselor, a friend or reached out to someone before attempting suicide. Now she must pay the price for her actions, as suicide is a selfish act and against the law. While her suicide attempt failed, she negligently took the life of an innocent human being in the process and must be charged for the murder of her baby,who was delivered early to save it,but later died due to the chemicals in the baby's system. If only abortion laws were treated the same way. What's the difference between having a licensed doctor prescribe RU-486 or someone taking rat poison, either way the baby ends up dead, yet the government continues to allow women to hire someone to take the life of their baby. Suicide cases like this and feticide laws, that protect the unborn under the Unborn Protection Act against acts of violence, show that the human fetus deserve equal protection and a right to life, yet abortion is still legal in this country. Why??

Bei Bei Shuai, from Indianapolis, has been charged with murder and infanticide after drinking rat poison in the final week of her pregnancy

Bei Bei Shuai, 34, gave birth to a baby girl called Angel days after taking a lethal dose of the poison.

But despite efforts by doctors to save her life she died three days later from bleeding in her brain.

Shuai later told police she had taken the rat poison on December 23 to try and kill herself after her boyfriend left her.

The bizarre suicide attempt was discovered by one of her friends who found her slumped in a car outside her home.

Shuai said she had taken rat poison and was rushed to the Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Her daughter was delivered by caesarean section on New Year's Eve 2010 and immediately placed on life support.

Police launched an investigation after hospital authorities said the baby girl had died from complications caused by chemical in her system.

When investigator's searched Shuai's home they found an open packet of rat poison.

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