Monday, April 18, 2011

Cute new way to announce you're expecting a baby...Host a gender cake party! #parents #moms #pregnancy #prolife

I just learned about this today while surfing the net and thought it was a cute idea for an expecting couple. A gender cake party goes like this:


My husband and I would like to do a cake party to find out the sex of our baby. So basically we will have the ultrasound tech put the sex of the baby in an envelope and we will give that envelope to our cake maker. The inside of the cake will either be pink or blue so when we cut into it our family, friends, as well as ourselves will find out what were having. We planned on having our close family and friends over for this big moment....sounds lovely right?

Looks like a fun way to share the news and makes for a great excuse to eat cake and have a party to let your friends and family know you are expecting a new bundle of joy.

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