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Pro-life Teen speaks about abstinence,abortion&STD's #prolife #parents #teens #kids #prochoice

I follow @imaprolifeteen on twitter. I have watched some of Mary's other videos on Youtube for 'teen defenders'& find she has some great insight from a teen perspective. Today she put out a request on a video topic to help teens address the abortion issue. So I asked her to put a video out about abstinence and she did. Her words are simple and great advice for all to consider:

I ABSTAIN FROM SEX. You can too. All you need is will power. We can reduce abortions and the spread of STIs by abstaining from sex.

Here is the video which discusses the issue further:

I hope that Mary's dedication and persistence will inspire other teens to speak out against abortion and join sites like twitter&Youtube to spread the message of life. Despite what many on the pro-choice side say, the goal of teaching your children to be abstinent until marriage is not based solely on religious beliefs but self-respect, health benefits and to help decrease unwanted pregnancies and abortions. Many teens fear their parents and don't talk about sexual urges or emotions and end up getting their advice from friends who might glamorize sex, especially with all the sex in the media and advertising today.

Instead of leaving it to schools, friends or the media, parents need to keep an open dialogue on this topic just as they would about saying no to drugs and drinking and driving. Just as manners are taught at home, morals and self respect should be taught at home and reinforced in school. We don't need Planned Parenthood Pushing Intensive Sex Education for Kids as Young as 10 Having premarital sex is not only a pregnancy risk, but a health risk. You can die from an STD or be afflicted with herpes, or HIV/AIDS for life. Chlamydia can also cause infertility. Not to mention the risks of abortion, even under the current 'safe and legal' abortions. Also see, Teens Killed By Safe Legal Abortion.

In addition, according to recent reports, condoms fail to protect ~1/3 sexually active girls against HPV,the leading cause of cervical cancer, which kills about 7000 women per year. Thankfully more teens are getting the message and recently pop-star Justin Bieber came out and said he is prolife. It is my hope that teen idols like him coming out and speaking against abortion will help influence the younger generation to abstain from sex since teens like to emulate those they admire.

Many on the pro-choice side say abstinence doesn't work, but sex-ed and providing contraceptives such as condoms is the only way to protect against pregnancy&STD's. However, this is not true, if it were effective abortions would not be increasing and we would have less unwanted pregnancies. In fact, the largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood recently reached a gruesome milestone: 5 million abortions. Additionally, while the pro-choice movement claims to support 'choice', such as: adoption and parenting; the largest abortion provider in the US, Planned Parenthood also performed 134 Abortions for every adoption referral in the last year.

If we don't start teaching our kids about abstinence and refraining from sex like we do about the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse they will not learn to abstain; and they will put themselves in danger. We don't hand our teens the keys to the car along with a six-pack of beer and say wear your seat belt and be safe, so why hand out condoms and tell them to be safe? Neither are effective and neither are responsible parenting. We must teach personal responsibility, including self-respect, along with abstinence from sex, drugs and alcohol in order to reduce the number of unwanted teen pregnancies.

Finally, should they still become pregnant, we need to encourage personal responsibility by having them keep the child and raise him/her or putting the child up for adoption, especially if raising the child would be too much of an economical or emotional burden on everyone involved. We need to become a culture of life that respects all human life from conception to natural death and we need to start by teaching our children the value of life and self-respect by teaching abstinence. If we wouldn't abort a dog or cat's litter;why do we abort our own offspring??

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