Friday, April 01, 2011

#prolife Doctor Meets Bioethicist-this explains the thinking of #prochoice well #tcot #hcr #parents #health


This is a satirical look at the thinking of many who support abortion. Especially those who claim they use science to base their facts on. What's funny is these 'bioethicists' have no ethics and don't even need a license to determine what is necessary in medicine and health care. They are the type of people who ration health care, and decide whether a persons quality of life is worthy of additional treatment or if they are better off euthanized. Or in the case of abortion, the video speaks for itself, but it demonstrates how little these 'bioethicists' and pro-choice advocates value human life. Because without treating all human beings equally and giving all the right to life we are denying them not only their human and civil rights, but also their Constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Without life we can do none of those things and we have no rights for which to stand for.

Abortion and euthanasia deny life, liberty and happiness just because someone else says your life is 'unwanted' or not worth saving. Nobody should have that authority but our Creator who gave us our inalienable rights.

©2008-2010 Patricia Garza

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