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“Fathers” Day: 76% of Men 20-24 have 'fatherless' kids #prolife #prochoice #parents #tcot

Debbie Schlussel shares how the traditional family unit in America has decreased thanks to the lack of morals and traditional values in society. Now we are not only aborting about 1000 kids per day, but we are leaving the ones who are 'chosen' without fathers. The liberation of modern day 'feminists' has reduced the family to single parent homes or less traditional homes where they are raised by grandparents or 'two moms or two dads'.

Thanks to the new genderless movement and push for 'gender diversity' some schools and parents are teaching our kids that gender doesn't matter, and now we are also teaching them that father's don't matter. Men have been reduced to sperm donors and children are just property to be exploited by progressive social experiments or discarded like trash. Again, until we start teaching respect for ourselves,respect for all human life and respect for traditional values, children will continue to grow up fatherless,or be aborted,leaving future generations at risk of economic and emotional despair. Not to mention confusing children about their gender is defying nature and human biology. We don't need to teach kids that you can be a boy or girl on the outside,but a boy or girl on the inside to teach them acceptance,self respect and tolerance of others. The Golden Rule is the only thing kids need to remember,do unto others as you would have done unto you!

Congrats, America.  We are now officially BabyDaddy Nation.  What an incredible achievement.  China and South Korea are making goods and scientists, and we are making babies with no dads.  Gee, and you wonder why we are lagging behind.
For Many of These Guys, It’s Just Sperm Donors’ Day
As you know, America celebrates Father’s Day on Sunday.  But, unfortunately, numbers show that for men age 44-and-under in America, half of them aren’t really fathers, just sperm donors.  It’s not all their fault–it takes two, and many women keep them out of their kids lives or refuse marriage or enjoy the high-paid, glamorous life of being the reality TV star daughter of a famous half-governor.  But the statistics from Pew Reserch Center are scary and a disturbing trend for America and its complete social breakdown.
Declining marriage rates and increases in out-of-wedlock births and multi-partner fertility have given rise to complicated family structures and have increased the likelihood that fathers will not reside with all of their children. According to the NSFG [National Survey of Family Growth, Pew Research Center], nearly half of all fathers (46%) now report that at least one of their children was born out of wedlock, and 31% report that all of their children were born out of wedlock. In addition, some 17% of men with biological children have fathered those children with more than one woman.
 And it gets worse.  Look at the graph above.  More than three-quarters of all births to men age 20-24 are illegitimate.
Nearly half (46%) of men ages 15 to 44 with biological children report that at least one of their children was born outside of marriage,5 and 31% report that all of their children were born outside of marriage. In contrast, 69% report that they have had at least one of their children within a marriage.
Among young and middle-aged men, the likelihood of having a child out of wedlock varies by cohort. Among biological fathers ages 20 to 24, more than three-fourths (76%) have had a child out of wedlock, while this share drops to 36% for fathers ages 35 to 44.
There are notable differences by race and ethnicity, as well. Some 37% of white biological dads have had at least one child out of wedlock, while 77% have had a birth within a marriage. Black and Hispanic fathers are much more likely to report having had a nonmarital birth. Among black men, 72% have had a child out of wedlock, and 48% have had one in marriage; and among Hispanic men, 59% have had a birth out of wedlock, and 58% have had a birth within a marriage. . . .
Just over half (55%) of men with biological children are married to the biological mother of all of those children. An additional 7% of biological fathers are cohabiting with the mother of their children.
Debbie's written before  about how 41% of births to American women are illegit.
It's time for men to take responsibility and demand father's rights. Feminists can not and should not be deciding the future of our children. Children need both parents to grow and thrive in a stable home environment. I know my sons are thankful for a great dad and I am grateful for a loving husband who works hard and has been involved with them since day one and throughout my pregnancy.

“Fathers” Day: Half of US Fathers Had Illegit Kids; 76% of Men 20-24

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