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Parents of Baby killed by falling tree limb in Central Park speak out! #parents #kids #prolife #prochoice

I recall hearing about this story last year and like most parents I was very saddened by it. I can't imagine losing my children to natural causes let alone a freak accident like this. Can you imagine taking family pictures on a warm summer day, while visiting the zoo with family& suddenly a large tree branch falls on you& your infant child?

As soon as it happened, strangers rushed to help the couple, sadly their six month old daughter was unable to be saved by CPR and the mother was left in a medical comma. A year later, the mother suffers numerous physical impairments which keep her from driving, dressing, showering and walking on her own. She was a vibrant executive and now she is dependent on others for daily help. They don't know if they will be able to have another child because of her physical impairments, but they are hoping they can in the future.

If only other women would realize how much a blessing the gift of life and motherhood is;as that child you have could be your last. Sadly over 3,000 children per day are aborted in the US each day, while couples like the Ricciutti's are unable to or unsure if they will ever be able to conceive& carry a child to term again.

I wish more of the proabortion movement would realize what they don't want is a gift for another. Instead they think of their preborn offspring as property to dispose of as medical waste. Maybe if they thought of the preborn as "one man's 'trash' as another man's treasure" they could see the humanity of giving a child up for adoption instead. Instead of choosing abortion the majority of time. Why doesn't the proabortion movement do more to save these lives& give someone else the joy of parenting and a child a chance at life??

"She was our Christmas gift," Karla said.

Being a new mom was a dream come true.

"We were thrilled every day," she said. "Gianna just amazed us. She was a good baby. She had amazingly beautiful eyes, and she just loved being around people. She loved when her daddy would give her kisses on her feet, and she giggled all the time. I used to call her my 'Gianna bird' because when she was little, she used to sound like a bird."
Karla has lost much in the past year beside her daughter.

There have been "far too many surgeries and injuries to list," said her lawyer, Dino Mastropietro. She's had procedures on her brain, eyes, nose, cheeks, throat, neck, stomach and shoulder, and her lawyer says more surgery is inevitable.

CRUEL FATE: One year ago, a massive falling branch in Central Park killed 6-month old Gianna Ricciutti (above with dad Michael and mom Karla Del Gallo, who was seriously injured).
CRUEL FATE: One year ago, a massive falling branch in Central Park killed 6-month old Gianna Ricciutti (above with dad Michael and mom Karla Del Gallo, who was seriously injured).

Since the incident, Karla can't read, perform yoga or jog as she did before.
She used to enjoy taking her daughter for walks or to visit family. Now she can barely walk on her own. She can't dress herself, or drive. She needs her husband's help to take a shower.

"It felt -- and it still feels like -- you're not who you were," Karla said. "I was very independent and intelligent and professional. I was a wife and a mother.

"Cognitively, I'm not where I was," she said. "I don't have the full use of my left arm, so I can't do a lot of things. I've lost some vision in my right eye.
"There's always somebody here to help me, to get dressed, to eat, to go to the grocery store. Simple things that you take for granted every day, and that I did without thinking before. Now I need a supervisor basically. It's humiliating."

She's not sure if she'll be able to have another child.
"I'm no longer a mom," Karla said. "Just dealing with that fact -- all these things are different, and changed forever. I'm thankful that I'm still a wife, and I have a wonderful husband who's stayed with me, thankfully, through this nightmare."

"We just agreed that neither of us would give up," Michael said.

Gianna was the second person to die, and Karla the third to suffer devastating injuries, as a result of falling tree limbs in Central Park in the past two years.

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