Wednesday, June 22, 2011

#prolife Former #prochoice NARAL-NY prez to admit to $75K expense account abuse;blood $$ used for vacation home,car&child care #tcot

Not only does the proabort movement dishonestly tell women their preborn offspring is not a child or a baby or a human being in the womb;but they fleece them for blood money to take lavish vacations, buy cars and pay for child care. Then they use the excuse they overlooked expense reimbursements. I wonder how much this goes on with taxpayers money to organizations like Planned Parenthood?

Former president of NARAL Pro-Choice New York pleaded guilty in Manhattan today to lying on her expense accounts -- and agreed to pay the pro-choice charity back for $75,000

Prosecutors say she spent at least $75,000 on clothes, meals, car service, child care -- along with $13,000 toward a July, 2009 Hamptons summer rental -- but claimed the expenditures were work-related.

Conlin received a non-jail sentence, and will not be incarcerated unless she fails to pay the $75,000 back within a month, in which case she faces anywhere from 1 and 1/3 to four years prison, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Larry Stephens told her.

Her plea covers expense account falsifications dating from 2007 to 2010; she concealed her conduct by telling staff that expenditures were authorized by the organizations' boards of directors, prosecutors said.

Both sides agreed to the $75,000 reimbursement, but prosecutors said that due to the nature and duration of her conduct, the exact loss to the non-profits was impossible to quantify.[my emphasis]

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