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Your Body, Your Choice:When your choices endanger others should the government step in?? #prolife #prochoice #science #women

This is in response to a post at entitled Your Body, Your Choice: Fight for Your Somatic Rights.

“My body, my choice.” We hear that slogan constantly, but what the hell do those four words mean?

Many of us have one or two political issues surrounding our bodies that get us fired up. Many of you reading this right now probably have some hot-button issue on your mind. Maybe it’s abortion, or recreational drug usage, or marriage rights, or surrogate pregnancy, or assisted suicide, or sex work, or voluntary amputation, or gender reassignment surgery.

For each of these issues, there are four words that define our belief about our rights, “My body, my choice.” How you react to those words determine which side of any of those debates you are on. That’s just the thing, though – there aren’t a bunch of little debates, there is just one big debate being argued on multiple fronts. All of these issues find their home in my field of philosophy: bioethics. And within the bioethics community, there is a small contingency that supports a person’s right to choose what to do with their body in every single one of those examples. Transhumanists make up part of that contingency.

If you are pro-choice on abortion or think that gender reassignment surgery is an option everyone should have, you agree with transhumanism on at least one issue. 

Anyone who claims 'my body, my choice' is forgetting about the separate living human body inside them when pregnant. It's not their body or kidney/organ removed& dismembered by abortion.

I am not as much concerned about amputees,but sex operations are a bit unethical and go against biology. You may not 'feel like a man or woman' but your genitals & physical traits are distinct in telling the difference between male and female. Surrogacy or any other life saving or selfless use of your body to help another is something I have nothing against, such as organ donation, surrogacy and pregnancy.

It's when people use their choice to cause harm to themselves or others ie:suicide or abortion that we as a civil society should step in and enforce laws that protect life. While sex changes don't necessarily harm anyone it could cause health risks, mental risks to individuals and other issues in society. We ban drug use because while it harms the user it also can harm others in society by increasing crime,driving hazards& lead people to make poor decisions that affects others.

Therefore, rights to your body and choices end when those choices affect the life of another individual by causing death or harm. I don't see what's so complicating about this concept. The governments job is to protect innocent life from harm,death,abuse, attack;just as a parents job is to protect their child, from conception, from harm,death, abuse, attack and abortion kills;therefore should be banned in order to protect innocent human beings.

Your Body, Your Choice: Fight for Your Somatic Rights

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