Sunday, July 17, 2011

Are the Unborn Human Beings? Science, Medicine&Common Sense Says Yes!! #prolife #prochoice #tcot #parents #teens

Many abortion doctors and prochoice advocates admit, abortion kills a human being. Yet, many prochoice advocates continue to deny this scientific and medical fact in order to defend their 'right' to kill the preborn. This video is a great summary of the medical, scientific and moral reasoning why abortion is undeniably wrong and kills a preborn human being. Abortion denies the "personhood"[humanity] of an individual living human being by denying them of human rights. As humans, we all have the inalienable right to life and to be born, if we were not given that right none of us would have the right to exist. Despite this, the proabortion movement advocates the woman's rights trumps the preborns individual human rights. However, a mother/woman wouldn't have those rights without the right to live and be born first.

Pure logic and common sense, as explained in this video by a 15yr old, clearly shows the abortion debate is lost because it is discrimination against another simply because of the preborn humans size,level of development, environment/location and dependency on the mother. The acronym for this analysis is SLED, according to author Steven Schwarz: size, level of development, environment and dependency.

Finally, prochoice advocates continue to say preborn are less human or "potential humans" because they are more dependent. This is a fallacy and a slippery slope to take to discern who has a right to live and who doesn't. All newborns are dependent on another to take care of them, support them and give them a home; does this also give the parent/guardian a right to kill them because of their level of dependency and because they live in their property?

From conception to birth our bodies are changing and developing; each stage of a human life from zygote to embryo to fetus are all stages of development. None of these stages makes the preborn less human or more human. If we are human, by species, we can only become more developed humans as we grow and develop. From birth to adulthood we continue to develop and grow as well, by developing and growing we are not more or less human but simply more developed.

The problem with the prochoice mindset is that it is illogical and discriminates by using the size,level of function/development, environment/location and dependency as an excuse to kill a living human being before birth. The prochoice advocates defend their right to kill based on level of function and not the fact that we are all human beings from conception to natural death regardless of our level of ability. Therefore,no mother/person should have the right to kill their child, born or preborn, simply because the child is dependent on them or because the child is less developed. The bottom line is: denying personhood is denying human rights. Thus, the choice to abort kills a living human being, another person, just less developed.

Still not sure when human life begins and whether the unborn are human beings?? Watch this video:

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