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Clinical trial in UK hopes to use adult stem cell treatment for MS #prolife #health #prochoice #tcot

Again, adult stem cell research advances in medicine. While the prochoice, abortion movement continues to support embryonic stem cell research, which has resulted in zero medical cures, adult stem cell research may cure MS,multiple-sclerosis, which affects three million worldwide.

Adult stem cells have also been found to help heart patients to HIV patients. It's time to end the destruction of human embryos, which are living human beings before implantation via methods such as IVF, and it's time to focus research and funding on adult stem cell research. In addition, there are other ways of getting embryonic stem cells without destroying human embryos, such as stem cell cord banking.

A major clinical trial in the UK hopes to find the world's first proper treatment for MS.
A major UK-based clinical trial is set to investigate whether stem cells can be safely used to treat multiple sclerosis (MS).

The trial will involved 150 patients from across Europe and will be launched later in the year, according to Dr Paolo Muraro from Imperial College London, who wants to look deeper into evidence that suggests MS can be treated with stem cells.

“There is very strong pre-clinical evidence that stem cells might be an effective treatment,” he told the BBC.

Stem cells will be collected from the bone marrow of patients and grown in a laboratory. They will then be reinjected and researchers hope they will make their way to the brain and repair the damage done by multiple sclerosis.

There is no clinically-proven stem cell treatment for MS in the United Kingdom, but many patients with MS travel overseas to have treatment done that claims to be long-term stem cell cures.

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