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Male #circumcision may cut HPV-linked penile precancerous lesions #prolife #i2 #prochoice #parents #health

To all the prochoice,abortion activists out there who oppose male circumcision you might want to stop trying to tell people not to circumcise their sons, especially because you are ok with killing and dismembering living human beings in the womb before birth. Regardless whether you believe they feel pain or not, they are still living human beings and abortion kills not heals. Health care should heal not kill people.

In addition, male circumcision does not kill anyone, unless by rare chance done incorrectly, but is often a religious sacrament among Jewish&Muslim families and in many boys it is done for preventive health reasons. This latest study from the University Of North Carolina,published in the International Journal of Cancer, proves male circumcision has been found to prevent HPV, human papillomavirus in men, thus preventing spread to women.

HPV can lead to cervical cancer in women, infertility and cancers of the penis in men.

In Kenyan men, circumcision is associated with a lower prevalence of human papillomavirus-associated precancerous lesions of the penis, a University of North Carolina-led international study has shown.

Human papillomavirus - HPV - is a sexually transmitted virus that plays an important role in genital cancers in men and women, including cancers of the penis and cervix.

"Our data are the first to show that male circumcision may reduce HPV-associated penile precancerous lesions. This represents an additional public health benefit of male circumcision," said Jennifer Smith, senior author.

"The percentage of men with HPV-associated precancerous penile lesions was substantially higher among those who were not circumcised - 26 percent- compared to those who were circumcised - .7 percent," explained Smith, a associate professor of epidemiology in the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health and a member of UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center.

"Interventions that reduce HPV-associated penile lesions could be important to both men and women, because such lesions may increase HPV transmission from men to their sexual partners.

"Circumcision may also provide a useful intervention to prevent HPV-associated penile lesions and ultimately invasive cervical cancers in less developed countries, since prophylactic HPV vaccines may not be readily available to men, and current HPV vaccines do not include protection against all high-risk HPV types," added Smith.

The study has been published in the International Journal of Cancer. (ANI)

Source:Big News

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