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Response- @JillStanek:How do you tell children about abortion? #prolife #prochoice #parents #teens #kids

I saw this video earlier in the week and thought it was cute,but watched it again today and noticed something humorously ironic about it and the tragedy of abortion. While abortion is not a laughing matter, the old&tired argument abortion advocates like to use is:"it's my body my choice" is humorously depicted in this video.

This video shows two young children talking about abortion via an animated cartoon. The little girl explains how her mom told her she has a right to her body&if something is using her body she can get rid of it if she wants. So she chooses to urinate&poop on the carpet and her mom asks why she does it...she tells her because it's her body&her choice. LOL

On a more serious note, how do you tell your children about abortion and what the choice to abortion means? At what age do you think you should talk about this issue?

I have mentioned it slightly with my sons, who are too young to understand all about sex and birth control yet. But they understand and know where babies come from so I have told them while watching a video on when life begins, The Miracle of Life, that we all started as small cells in our mommies tummy and those cells grow to become little babies and as the baby grows they get too big for their mommies tummy so they have to come out and they are born. They understand they came from my tummy[uterus] but aren't yet old enough to understand all the medical and technical terminology, so I kept it simple. But, I want to make sure they know we all started out the same way, so that when the topic of abortion comes up they will understand the immorality of taking the life of a living and growing human being in the womb. I feel it is imperative that parents teach children where babies come from and that we must respect the right for everyone to be born and have a chance to live. There is never an excuse for abortion and personal responsibility must take precedent.

In addition, regarding rape/incest, children should be taught as they get old enough to understand sex and sexuality,such as pre-teens, that there are people who sometimes try to hurt girls/women[&sometimes boys/men] and can cause them harm or cause women to get pregnant with a baby they didn't plan for. I will ask them is it right to harm the baby because of something someone did to the mother or is it better that the criminal/bad guy gets punished? I'm sure their response will be the bad guy should go to jail, not that the baby should be harmed or punished. I am a Catholic, but I also believe in the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would want done to you. I teach and plan to emphasize this rule with my sons often, along with teaching our religious convictions, such as following the 10 commandments.

Currently, we teach our children about stranger danger and make sure they know their body is private and nobody should touch them anywhere they don't want to be touched, especially in private areas&unless mommy or daddy are there like at the doctor's office. Until they reach a more mature stage&are tweens I don't feel teaching every aspect of sex,homosexuality or anything related in depth is necessary. Though my children do know that men marry women and that only men and women can make babies together. My oldest has asked me,perhaps because of another child in school, what if some kids have two dads? I say sometimes it happens but that two dads can't make kids together. All of these are tough topics to deal with, but seem to be getting pushed more and more on young children at younger and younger ages due to television,media advertising, movies,and homosexual/gender diversity education and new legislation, such as same sex marriage. I truly wish we didn't have to deal with all of these topics at such a young age, but I will be as open as I can, while being honest about each issue and emphasizing the importance of respecting human life from conception to natural death and treating others the way we would want to be treated.

Finally, while I was raised in a large family, my parents weren't as open about talking about sex and puberty, so I mostly learned from my older siblings or peers about it, because of this I hope to be more open with my sons about these issues,as I try to be more open with signs of affection in front of them and towards them. My family was rather conservative growing up&traditional, so our parents rarely kissed in front of each other&we rarely hugged one another. Thankfully my husband was raised in a little more open family and we both freely express our affection for one another and our kids in public. We kiss and hug each other and our boys without hesitation. I don't think I missed out on being loved as a child because of this, but I think it is healthy to show and share your affection and love for those you care about and should say I love you every day to them, because you should never take life foregranted. This again is another reason all life should be respected because we only get one chance to live and that is when we are born.

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