Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kids Loungerie promotes pedophilia&exploits children #parents #kids #teens #prolife #tcot

Credit: Jours Apres Lunes
When will the adults grow up and stop trying to sexualize our children before they are old enough to drive and get a job? Is this part of the plan to normalize pedophilia?? The liberals have already worked to normalize homosexuality&made abortion acceptable now this??
A French clothing designer is under fire for developing a new line that is basically lingerie for children — except they’re calling the skimpy, beribboned collection “loungerie” instead.

Jours Apres Lunes (“Days After Moons”) bills itself as “the first designer brand dedicated to loungerie for children and teenagers, comprised of loungewear and lingerie to be worn over and under, inside and outside.”

Lingerie designer Sophie Morin said on her website her goal was to use adult lingerie trends to create underwear for toddlers and adolescents. It’s her “fille” line, aimed at 4- to 12-year-olds, that is attracting the most attention — and the photographs that go along with it.
A photo advertising a new French line of "loungerie" for children. (Credit: Jours Apres Lunes)

Outfitted in triangle bras, ruffled panties and teased hair, little girls model the collection on the designer’s website, in one photo appearing to frolic on a bed, with one girl pulling at another one’s hair. In another photo, a girl stretches out on a chair, sunglasses covering half her face while her tied-off top exposes almost her entire midsection., via The Blaze

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