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#prolife #parents #kids Experts:Kids challenge gender identity earlier;is tolerance education indocrtrination?

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According to transgender speaker,Aidan Keyes and psychotherapists, kids are dealing with gender identity crisis at an earlier age. Gender identity crisis is described as a child or adult not feeling comfortable in the biological gender they are, who are actually transgender, males or females trapped in the body of the opposite gender. I find this skeptical if not another way the lesbian,gay community is trying to push the normalization of homosexuality through 'tolerance' education.

While I do not support bullying or hate speech in any way,I also do not believe in teaching our children to compromise principles which they are raised by and come naturally, such as the biological gender of their peers. Children should not have to second guess whether their male friends or female friends are boys or girls. This should be obvious based on social and biological norms. What children need to be taught is respect for all and the Golden Rule, "do unto others as you would have done unto you." That is what bullying education should be based on, not acceptance of homosexuality or gender identity issues, race, etc. Bottom line is that parents and schools should focus on respect towards others&personal responsibility. For some reason society has been for too long been focusing on diversity and tolerance and 'multiculturalism'  to the point that our countries founding values and culture are becoming lost.

 Transgender speaker Aidan Keyes,  grew up as a girl and as an adult had a mastectomy and later married another women, despite not having a sex change operation.

At 19, Bonnie came out as a lesbian, thinking she'd finally figured it out. Living in Seattle at the time, she found a close-knit community of lesbians, fell in love and later, with her partner, had a daughter. As the nonbiological mother, she adopted the child.

Currently,Keyes visits schools teaching children about gender identity acceptance by telling them his story:
"When I was your age," he tells them, "I was a girl.
"Everybody saw me as a girl and I looked like a girl. But inside that's not how I felt. I felt I was a boy, so when I got older I worked with a doctor. We call that being transgender."

Lisa Love, health-education specialist with Seattle Public Schools, said the district is seeing more children in elementary schools struggling with gender identity.
And over the last decade or so, the parents of a growing number of these kids have sought guidance from Seattle Children's hospital, the associate director of psychiatry there said.
Experts say young children have always had these feelings, but only in recent years as society has become more accepting of gender differences have they felt more free to express them.[my emphasis]

Public- and private-school administrators and the parents of these kids want guidance navigating such sensitive terrain; they want to help children become comfortable calling a classmate by a new name, or know how and when to refer to another student as he or she...

between 20 and 30 percent of children who display persistent cross-gender preferences grow up to be transgender adults.

Most recently the story of five-year old Dyson Kilodavis made the headlines, in which his mom wrote a book about their families journey and acceptance of their son's desire to wear frilly clothes and girls jewelry. From in Seattle:
The Kilodavis family talks about how they came to accept and embrace their son, five year-old Dyson, who likes to dress up like a princess. Cheryl Kilodavis authored a book called "My Princess Boy" which Dyson's school now uses as an anti-bullying tool.

In this video it seems as though the psychiatrist is saying there is more than one way to be a boy and a girl&equating 'tom boy' behavior in girls to cross dressing in boys??

What do you think? Do you believe there are children who naturally grow up one gender and somehow mentally are wired to be another gender?

I can see kids role playing and adults doing such things as a joke or prank or for a costume party, but I just don't see it being a natural disorder and one we should encourage. I feel it is connected to the acceptance of homosexuality in the media and other places that children are exposed to this behavior. I feel it is more a behavioral issue rather than a biological condition. While some experts and  parents claim redirection is not always successful in these cases, and that we should love and accept our children no matter how they turn out, this does not mean we should accept nor condone behavior that is unnatural and unacceptable morally.

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