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Obama's Economy is becoming a Depression as Child Abuse&Abortions Rise #tcot #parents #prolife

I wondered how much the increase in child abuse is to blame on the current economy,especially since more men are unemployed and more women may be left working two jobs or longer hours to get by? After doing a little research, it seems to me that Obama's economic recovery is not helping anyone especially the least of the victims, the innocent &helpless children. The Governments job is to protect from harm and death;yet the increase in spending,regulations and mandates like the health care reform law are making the unemployment rate grow;which is leading to more child abuse, but it also seems an increase in murder-suicides and abortions.

Guttmacher Institute, which periodically surveys U.S. abortion providers, reports that there were 1.21 million abortions in 2008 and a rate of 19.6 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15-44.
In result, the number of abortions are on the rise as a result of the economic downturn as well, since people want to take the easy way out by ending their lives or someone else like an unplanned child or even a much wanted child is becoming the victim of child abuse,abortion or murder-suicide. In sum,the failed policies of the Obama administration are leading to not only an economic depression but a social depression. Obama has become the President of death,despair and the downgrade of America.
(Reuters Health) - As the U.S. economy began to tank, the number of abused kids landing in the hospital with severe brain injuries spiked, a new study shows.
Anecdotes linking child abuse to the recession have surfaced before, but there had been no hard data to back the connection until now.
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"It's definitely disturbing," said Elizabeth Gershoff, a psychologist who studies parenting, but was not involved in the study.
Although there is no proof that financial hardship itself is causing the uptick in abuse, earlier research has tied parental stress to child maltreatment.
"Living in poverty for parents can be very stressful," Gershoff, of the University of Texas at Austin, told Reuters Health. "And that in turn leads to harsher parenting."
The new findings, released on Monday in the journal Pediatrics, are based on hospital data on kids under five from Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Washington.
From 2004 to 2009, there were 422 children diagnosed with what doctors call "abusive head trauma." The majority ended up in the intensive care unit, and 16 percent died of their injuries.
The children's average age was nine months.
In the three years leading up to the crash in December 2007, the rate of abusive head injuries was 8.9 per year per 100,000 kids. After the crash, the number jumped to 14.7 per 100,000.
"If what we are seeing is even close to generalizable, that is a lot of excess children," said Dr. Rachel P. Berger, a child abuse expert at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh who co-authored the study.
She said she noticed a sharp uptick in the number of children who came to her hospital with banged-up heads in 2008. From 17 cases per year, it suddenly jumped to 37 in 2008, and 11 of those kids died -- more than had been killed after accidental head traumas.
"At any given time there was virtually always a baby in our ICU," Berger told Reuters Health.
In the U.S., some 1,800 toddlers come to the hospital with abusive head trauma every year, corresponding to about one in 3,300. But that statistic is certain to leave out many cases.
"Most people really think it is a tremendous underestimate," Berger said.
Contrary to the new results, federal data show a decline in child abuse in 2008. But Berger said those numbers have many limitations, such as a very restrictive definition of abuse.

Sexually Abused child.Image via Wikipedia
While the actual reason for the increase in abuse is not certain;the cause appears to be linked to young parents,often males who are left frustrated with a crying infant. According to the study: Gershoff said the young age of the victims suggests crying might have caused the abuse. If a caretaker shakes a baby violently to make him or her stop crying, that may lead to "shaken baby syndrome," in which the brain bumps up against the skull it causes brain damage and bleeding.
She said babies only cry for five reasons: Because they are hungry, tired, bored, in pain or need a fresh diaper. If none of that helps, Gershoff added, it's alright to leave the crib as long as the baby is safe.
"Just taking a break from that sound, walk out and then come back when you have calmed down," she advised.

However, according to The Marietta Daily Journal,additional research and census data, it looks like the recession is the reason for the increase in child abuse:
Children studied were younger than 5, and most were infants. Most suffered brain damage and 69 died, though the death rate didn’t rise during the recession.
Unemployment rates in the 74 counties rose during the five-year study. The proportion of children on Medicaid in those counties also increased, from 77 percent before the recession to 83 percent. However, insurance and family employment information were not reported for the abused children in the study.
Combine the stress of raising a young child with wage cuts or lost jobs and you get “a sort of toxic brew in terms of thinking about possible physical violence,” said Mark Rank, a social welfare professor at Washington University in St. Louis. He said the study echoes sociological research linking violence with declines in economic well-being.
Along with U.S. Census data released last week indicating that a record 46 million Americans are poor, the study shows that “as poverty goes up and economic stagnation continues ... there are really human costs involved,” Rank said.

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The Marietta Daily Journal

SOURCE: Pediatrics , September 19, 2011.

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