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Moral standards have been replaced by feelings. What's right&wrong is not being taught #prolife #parents #prochoice

Dennis Prager has a great article that describes how secularism is taking morality out of society and replacing what's right and wrong with how someone feels about a situation. While some may think doing drugs is ok for them or getting an abortion is ok for them,it is considered morally wrong for a majority of people, especially those with a sense of right and wrong. Often our sense of right and wrong is based on the laws of our judicial system, which had long been based on Judeo-Christian values and morals, such as those stated in the Ten Commandments. However, as our society drifts from these morals and values, we have drifted into secularism and have legalized such things as abortion and same sex marriage to using drugs to cure our ailments,such as "medical marijuana".

While the United States is not a theocracy, we are a nation of laws and we are a nation founded on the values and morals of Judaism and Christianity, despite what some may say or think, including our so called 'Christian' President. However, regardless of laws&religion, those with common sense should know right from wrong without having a judicial system,religion or the government telling them what is right and wrong. For example,we should all have the common sense&decency to know that killing another human being is wrong, even though it is also one of the Ten Commandments. This is a law in most countries,unless they enforce the death penalty against those who are a danger to society&others and have harmed/killed another human being. Even though 'thou shall not kill' is one of the Ten Commandments, it doesn't mean societies who oppose murder are practicing Christianity nor enforcing a theocracy on the people, but it is enforcing law and order in a civilized society.

If we don't respect the life of another human being, who has committed no crime against another whether born or not yet born, then our society will be no better than an uncivilized society that savagely kills and abuses other human beings and denies them their life,liberty and happiness. Such human rights violations occur daily in third world countries such as Somalia,Sudan,Iran,North Korea and others where people are denied the simple freedom and right to eat, live and prosper. Sadly, it also happens daily in the United States and other developed countries such as the UK, Australia, and Canada, where prenatal humans are denied the basic right to live because the mother didn't feel like having a baby and doesn't feel like raising a child. This is another example where morals,what's right&wrong, have been replaced by how someone feels and secularism.

Today's liberals, feminists, abortionists, prochoice movement and children of these secularists are not learning what's right and wrong,but whether something feels right to them,then it is acceptable to them. This is a dangerous precedent to base human rights on because there are some people,such as Peter Singer, who feel that infanticide is right or that killing disabled,adults who are incapacitated,elderly and infirm are of less value than other human beings and can be aborted or euthanized. Therefore, basing our morals on how something feels is an easy way to discriminate and deny human rights to others. The inalienable right to life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness we are all entitled to in a free country should never be based on how someone feels. What is legal is not always right, as we have learned by the atrocities of slavery and segregation and the Holocaust. We must base our laws and morals on what is morally right and wrong and the compass for what is right and wrong should be based on common sense which respects basic human rights such as life and liberty,not on how someone feels about a situation.

You can read Dennis Prager's article here,Why Young Americans Can’t Think Morally to get his view on how secularism is replacing moral standards in society. In the end,if we are to become a better country and nation of true freedom with respect to all human rights, we would follow the Golden Rule, 'do unto others as you would have done unto you'...and religious or not,use common sense:don't steal, cheat, kill, disobey your parents, talk back, lie etc because you would not want to be mistreated and denied your basic human rights and dignity.

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