Friday, November 11, 2011

Afghani mother and daughter stoned to death for adultery #tcot #jcot #islam #sharia

It's not islamophobia when they really believe in killing under sharia law.

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AsiaNews has reported the stoning of two women, a mother and daughter, both accused of adultery.

According to the organisation, the two were killed Thursday in Ghazni, 138 kikometres southeast of Kabul, only a few hundreds metres from government offices.

Sources told AsiaNews that a group of armed men entered the house where the young widow lived with her daughter.

After accusing them of adultery, they were taken out of the house and stoned before being shot dead.

Despite the sound of screams and gunshots, it appears authorities were not immediately contacted by friends or neighbours.

Officials have said a number of religious leaders in the city have been issuing fatwas, a part of sharia law, asking people to report any one who has allegedly been "involved in adultery".

Afghani mother and daughter stoned to death for adultery

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Umm, Old testament calls for the same punishment, and I know Christians who support the death penalty so, why, yes, it IS hatred of Muslims

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