Thursday, November 24, 2011

Disgusting>>Missouri Babysitter Charged With Sodomizing, Burning 18mos Old Baby&Raping 15yro #parents #kids #safety

What a disgusting person this guy is. I hope he serves life in jail for this crime. Sadly, he probably won't,because pedophile laws&rape/abuse laws are too lenient. Pedophiles are the biggest creeps next to murderers and abortionists in my opinion. Personally I wouldn't hire a male babysitter either,not to say a female couldn't commit a heinous crime,but it is more likely a male would in these cases. Poor baby, I hope he/she will be ok and never remember what was done to him/her and that the child's aunt recovers and gets the help and support she'll need after being raped at 15.

Booking photo of David Norton. (credit: St. Ann Police Department)
Booking photo of David Norton. (credit: St. Ann Police Department)

ST. ANN, Mo. (KMOX) – A 24-year-old man has been charged with sodomizing and burning an 18-month-old infant.
According to St. Ann police reports obtained by KMOX, David Norton allegedly burned the child with cigarettes. Police believe this abuse was going on for six months.
Police also believe Norton talked the child’s 15-year-old aunt into having sex with him.

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