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Happy New Year 2012...2011 in Review...The Good,Bad&Ugly! #prolife #tcot

This is a good compilation of some of the biggest headlines in 2011. Unfortunately,the hope& change many thought was coming from the Obama administration in 2008 to the 'Arab Spring' of 2011 have turned into disasters for the economy and peace in the Middle East.

We are on the verge of a dangerous 2012 if things don't turn around soon. The economy is not improving and more Americans are on food stamps and dependent on the government then ever before; over 40% of children are growing up in poverty&in single parent homes. There is an obvious connection to the two, a single parent struggles to provide for their children, while two parent homes are more stable as both parents work together to provide for the family. High unemployment is a continued problem that is not expected to improve in 2012 unless and until the government reduces regulations on business& allows more natural resources to be used for lower energy production.

The Keystone Pipeline is a big issue that is being held up by the Obama administration thanks to environmentalists, although studies have shown it will not impact the environment as previously thought. A new plan has been developed to avoid aqua ducts through the Northeastern US. The administration must allow this pipeline to occur to open up jobs, up to 20,000, and improve the economy as well as reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Currently, other energy sources are not sustainable and until nuclear,wind power or other forms of energy production are sustainable we must rely on oil and coal production to keep costs down and our economy functioning and stabilized. Especially with the continued instability in the Middle East and Iran now threatening to cut off the strait of Hormuz which allows oil shipments to get through to the majority of the world.

Finally, the current economic situation around the world and the current administration in DC is not doing anything to fix the economy nor the needs of the poor. More spending has never worked and only leads to more debt&more people depending on the government for their needs. There are over 40 Million on food stamps,up from 30 Million prior to Obama's nomination.

Thankfully in 2012 the US Supreme Court will decide on the Affordable Care Act,Obamacare, which will further decrease the quality of health care in America, while cutting Medicare and causing health care costs to rise and mandates every American over 25 buy health insurance whether they want it or not. It will do none of the things we were promised,but will damage our health care system and the quality of care we will receive. Employers are already dropping health care plans because it will cost less for them to pay the fine rather than to provide employee health care plans. This means more people will have no choice and will have to take what the government gives them, so if you like your doctor, you may not get to keep your doctor or you may not get the treatment plans you need unless a panel of bureaucrats decides if you can receive the treatment and if it is cost effective.

The other good news is that 2011 has been a year of success for the prolife movement, as more Americans are turning against the need for abortion on demand. Here is a great summary by twitter friend Gabby Hoffman of some of the prolife legislation that has passed which proves more states and voters are turning away from abortion and want to protect the unborn.

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Welcome to 2012!! May you find peace,love,prosperity&good health in 2012! May our country find healing,reunification and elect a more conservative,prolife Congress and President in 2012!!

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