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Teen Hires Gang Members to Kidnap 2 Week Old Baby to Cover Pregnancy Lie #prolife #prochocie #parents

 Desperate teen hires gang members to steal a newborn baby to keep her boyfriend. In the meantime, other women will go to extremes of killing their newborn and abandoning them in trash cans or aborting them. How can people have such disregard for human life. Babies are not property,whether in the womb or out, they are human beings entitled to life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness that everyone else is given. Anyone who denies they are human beings and wants to take their rights away whether in the womb or out have no respect for humanity and the dignity of human beings. Thankfully this story has a happy ending and the child was recovered, alive and well. The 17 year old teen and her accomplices will be tried and convicted and will face life in jail. This is what anyone who kidnaps, or harms a child or disregards the rights of another human being,born or unborn should face. Life, without parole, especially to anyone who harms,kills or abuses a human person, born or unborn. All human beings deserve to be respected at all stages of life and nobody should take their inalienable right to life away from them or treat them like a piece of property.

A teenager has been arrested on accusations of being the mastermind of an elaborate scheme to kidnap a 2-week-old baby in Santa Ana, Calif., according to police.
Gladys Remigio,17, was arraigned Friday for allegedly enlisting two gang members, 20-year-old Steven Quirino and 19-year-old Robert Rodriguez, to steal her roommate's 15-day-old daughter.
The newborn's mother, who is identified only as "Norma," told police that on the morning of Nov. 29, Remigio entered her bedroom with a man armed with a gun and ordered Norma into the bathroom. Norma's other children were asleep.
Norma managed to escape when the two men fled the scene, and she found her baby outside with Remigio.

At first, the police thought that Remigio was also a victim of the robbery, because she rents a room at Norma's house with her father. But police soon learned Remigio's twisted back story.
"She's engaged to a guy who thinks that she's 8 months pregnant and working in New York City. But she's not pregnant," Santa Ana Police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said. "Eight months into this lie, she's living with these people who have a 2-week old baby. So her master plan was to befriend these two hardcore gang members and have them rob the house.
"The deal was that she would pay them a little bit of cash and they could steal her iPhone and whatever else they could find in the house," he said.

Source - ABC News

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