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#10forTebow @TimTebow an inspiration for the #prolife and proabortion movement;who will prevail?? #tcot #sgp Please Help Save a Life!

I am so tired and disgusted by proaborts, who call themselves "prochoice", which is actually pushing abortion and then using it to attack those who 'choose' not to abort. They hate the prolife movement so much they are using their hate by attacking the outspoken, prolife, Christian sports star and rising quarterback, Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos. Their latest meme on twitter is called #10forTebow, which calls on proabort activists to donate $10 for each touchdown Tebow makes/assists in this Sundays, December 18,2011, game against the New England Patriots. They also plan to continue this nonsense into the playoffs if the Broncos make it.

As most are aware by now,Tim Tebow is a devoted Christian and inspirational player since his college days of winning the Heisman Trophy with the Florida Gators. He is now an upcoming, rising quarterback, bringing fans and his teammates exciting last quarter wins. Some believe it's his faith in God and his 'Tebowing',kneeling& praying during games, that helps his team win, whatever it is he plays hard,he's a true leader& inspires his teammates to get the job done.

Everyone whose heard of Tebow knows, Tim Tebow has never been afraid to share his faith and he always shows his devotion by thanking God on the field, on camera after games, in interviews, or through his prison ministry talking to those on death row and giving them hope for eternal life by making things right with God and accepting Christ into their life.

Yet, Tim Tebow, because of his success and being an outspoken Christian is often under attack from atheists and others who don't think he has what it takes to be the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos. However, Tebow continues to prove them wrong, just as he proved doctors wrong when he was born.

His mother was diagnosed with a life threatening infection while carrying Tebow and doctors in the Phillipines,where his mom and dad lived for their Christian ministry, told her she would be better off to abort than to risk continuing the pregnancy to term. However, as devout Christians who believe in the sanctity of human life, his parents did not see abortion as an option, so she continued her pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy baby Tim Tebow 24 years ago.

It is my opinion the proabortion movement is so turned off by Tebow's mothers decision to carry him to term and prove doctors wrong, that they wish he was not born. His life and success are a slap in the face to every prochoice woman who believes the most caring thing they can do is abort their disabled or potentially doomed child or end a 'life threatening pregnancy'. Since Tebow has been making a lot of news lately with his final quarter wins, much media attention has been drawn on him again. In result, the attackers and haters are out in full force speaking out against his displays of 'Tebowing', Christianity and his prolife beliefs. As a result, the proaborts are pushing this disgusting and selfish meme, #10forTebow, to raise money to support women and 'doctors' who kill their unborn offspring.

Thankfully the prolife movement is countering this anti-life cause and have started to 'hijack' their twitter tag, #10forTebow,by drawing attention to prolife activists to spread the word to donate to Crisis Pregnancy Centers who help support women during crisis,unexpected pregnancies rather than abortions. Crisis Pregnancy Centers are known for providing the support women who are desperate need to save the life of their child rather than choose abortion.  They help provide free sonograms, counseling, diapers, supplies and sometimes boarding and adoption referrals, should the woman choose adoption rather than raising the child. You would think the prochoice movement would appreciate the help Crisis Pregnancy Centers offer these women rather than attack them because they don't offer abortion services or referrals. The idea of a Crisis Pregnancy Center is to provide alternatives to abortion not abortion referrals and services. Find a Crisis Pregnancy Center in your area or elsewhere to donate to here.

Finally, if you want to help counter the proabort movement and save lives of defenseless humans in the safety of their mothers wombs, please join the cause on twitter and facebook to counter their attacks letting them know at #10forTebow that you support #prolife and Tim Tebow and will donate $10 for each touchdown or that you will donate your time or baby supplies to a Crisis Pregnancy Center to help save lives. In addition, the group Students for Life have started the site where you can save babies everyday. Or you can help use your $10 donation for each Tebow touchdown to help double a donors grant. Every donation received between now and December 31st will be DOUBLED up to $125,000.

Or you might want to donate to theTim Tebow Foundation where he is working with another nonprofit to raise money for a children's hospital in the Phillipines or helps fund playrooms in children's hospitals throughout the world. Wherever you decide to make your donation, I hope you will visit and donate to these charities or contribute supplies or help spread their message to others. Sharing help,hope, love and healing to those in need and saving lives of those most vulnerable should be a priority of everyone, not life ending abortions. Tim Tebow walks the walk and talks the talk. His priorities are where all of ours should be and this makes those who hate him hate him more, while those who love him will love him more. Let's make love conquer hate and life conquer death!

©2008-2011 Patricia Garza

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