Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Baby Girl Abandoned by Protester at #OccupyDC Camp #parents #kids #tcot

Now this doesn't really surprise me after all the other crimes from rapes,drug abuse,murders and suicides that have occurred at the Occupy movement encampments throughout the country. Most involved in this movement are after all "prochoice" and the choice to abandon a baby is no different than disposing one in a dumpster or having one removed from your womb by a licensed doctor who makes millions killing the most defenseless among us. Abortion after all to me is the ultimate child abuse, the mothers 'choice' to neglect her commitment/obligation to carry her pregnancy to term& raise her child or put them up for adoption.

In this case, the father abandoned the baby, but fathers are also known to walk out on their families or pay for abortions because they don't want the responsibility of being a parent. As they say, anyone can have babies, but not everyone can be a loving mom or dad and if you are unable to be a loving mom or dad then you might want to avoid sex altogether, because there isn't a 100% effective way to prevent children unless you abstain altogether or you are sterile. Thankfully this little girl was rescued, considering the temperatures and the lack of clothing she was wearing.  Of course the Occupy campers are denying they knew the man and had never seen him there before, but that's beside the point. Their movement has attracted crimes and criminals since the protests began.

An infant’s cries rang through the Occupy DC encampment in McPherson Square Wednesday morning, and when a group went to investigate they found only a baby girl alone in a tent, wearing a onesie and mittens.
Soon after, authorities said, a man had been arrested and the girl — who was unharmed — was in the city’s care.
The campers notified U.S. Park Police officers and then cared for the girl until help arrived, according to Kelly Canavan, 36, a retired Prince George’s County school teacher who has been living at the camp.

Officers called D.C. Fire/EMS to check on the girl around 10:30 a.m., according to Sgt. David Schlosser, a Park Police spokesman. She was fine, he said, and is now with the District’s child protective services department.
About 30 minutes later, Schlosser said, a man returned to the encampment and identified himself as the baby’s father. Police arrested the man, charging him with attempted second-degree cruelty to children.
“Mid 40s, rainy, onesie, alone,” Schlosser said, describing the circumstances that led police to arrest the man.
Read more at The Washington Post.

Source: Big Journalism

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