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#tweet4choice Aren't some choices so abhorrent they should not be made? #prolife #prochoice #parents #kids

Have you ever wondered what the pro-choice movement means by 'choice'? Don't we all have freedom of choice in this world? Aren't some choices so abhorrent they should not be made? After all, when the choice is life or death;wouldn't common sense tell you to choose life?

In the case of abortion, women are told they have a choice to have the baby or not. In choosing not to have the child and carry to term a woman is given the legal right to hire an abortionist to end her pregnancy,which is essentially ending the life of a new human being at the earliest stage of development.

The 'choice' in pro-choice is to dismember a living human being from usually 6-8weeks through D&C,chemical abortion or some other form of induced abortion.  Thanks to the decision of Roe V Wade, a human being can be killed legally in the US through abortion,in other words government sanctioned murder, such as the death penalty. Sadly, abortion kills innocent human beings, while the death penalty punishes those convicted by jury of the most heinous crimes of murder. These are currently the two forms of legalized murder allowed in the US. Yet abortion advocates demand the right to kill an innocent unborn human,while they are angered by the killing of murderers or rapists on death row.

This being the 39th year since the legalization of Roe V Wade; I along with Jill Stanek and others hope to raise awareness of this choice by drawing attention to what 'choice' means when the pro-choice movement demands choice.

Jill Stanek has the latest on who is participating in this social media advocacy:

UPDATE 1/22, 3:35p:I’m still adding blogs and reading some great posts. Don’t forget to use hashtag #tweet4choice on all pro-life tweets today.
UPDATE 1/22, 9:10a:Today is the tragic, terrible 39th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, which legalized the subsequent murders of 55 million children and counting.
Abortion proponents call this “choice.” They fear the word “abortion.” They know it has negative connotations – not so different from the word “holocaust.”

SUNDAY! Ask Them What They Mean by “Choice” Day - Jill Stanek

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