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Character Matters,Along With Faith,Family&Freedom-Support Rick Santorum in 2012 #tcot #sgp #prolife #parents

This post has been a work in progress over the last month so pull up a chair,grab some coffee or tea and relax.

The past month, I've been journaling my thoughts on the upcoming Presidential elections. Here is what I have concluded regarding who I believe conservatives and teaparty voters, along with establishment Republicans should consider and get behind as President to unite the GOP. If we all unite in the primary behind the candidate that supports the most conservative issues,the one who is most trustworthy&moral, I believe we can win against Obama&defeat Romney from being our appointed nominee. It's time to put bickering aside and political pandering aside and consider who you can trust the most and who is most likable.

Here is some background on why I have come to the decision I have. I have been undecided for quite some time on who I will support for President, but after hearing the debates,deliberating over what each candidate has to offer based on experience,principles and records...I have found that the best choice is Governor Perry  Rick Santorum. This article and video included give some great reasons why Perry should have been considered and given a second look: 

At the time of originally writing this portion, Perry has had the most executive experience of any candidate,is was the most social&fiscal conservative,with military experience, is pro-Israel and would support a strong defense&regain US respect in the world again. As we all know, there aren't any perfect candidates and nobody is Ronald Reagan, but Perry is also a big supporter of the 10th amendment and he definitely deserved a second look.

We can't pick a candidate because the media says he's best or liberal states say so, but we must pick them based on their record and consistent conservative principles. While Rick Perry is was the only person in the Republican field that fits ALL three legs of Ronald Regan’s conservative stool:a social, fiscal/economic and a national security conservative, currently Rick Santorum fits this criteria best without the baggage and controversy Newt Gingrich&Mitt Romney carry. 

Unfortunately, since the time of originally writing the above thoughts...Governor Perry has since dropped out after losing in the South Carolina primaries. Too many conservatives couldn't forgive him for his debate flaws in the beginning, which many believe were due to his recent back surgery,and pain medication and then his comments regarding in-state tuition for illegal immigrants in Texas put the nail in the coffin. However, Perry had to sign the in-state tuition bill into law because it was passed by a veto-proof majority in the legislature.  This disloyalty or disunity&bickering and the media influence is why I believe Cain,Palin,Bachmann and Perry were thrown under the bus;conservatives& teaparty didn't stand by the true conservatives from the beginning.

I wish Perry would have stuck it out longer, because SC allowed open elections and independents and democrats were able to vote and distort the votes. I don't know why the GOP allows this in some states in our primaries but it is a horrible idea. Primaries should be primarily for the party that is nominating a candidate!

In result, after further vetting& contemplation, I have decided to support Rick Santorum, who I originally was considering, because he's been the most consistent on the issues from foreign policy to border control and social issues and will decrease government spending&entitlement programs. While all the candidates have their flaws,I think Santorum has grown,become more confident&has learned a lot since his days of 'big govt spending' as a Senator. I  also believe with the teaparty in place,he would not expand govt&increase taxes&entitlements under these dire economic circumstances. Other candidates like Newt and Romney are too hard to trust and based on their records are more likely to increase government programs,but at a slower pace than Obama,just without the anti-American sentiment. Finally, Ron Paul is just too far out there on foreign policy and some of his economic ideas are even unsustainable&unrealistic such as the gold standard.

In addition, well known conservative pundit, Michelle Malkin finally came out and endorsed a candidate on  Jan 30,2012. Last week on Hannity she said she was remaining  neutral and was vetting each carefully on the issues, but she has since decided Rick Santorum is the most conservative candidate left out of the remaining candidates. I must agree she is right. She has a great article out that covers the pros and cons of each of the remaining candidates and why she finally decided to support Santorum.  Here is a summary of Michelle Malkin's endorsement highlighting Santorum's strengths:

Rick Santorum opposed TARP. 

He didn't cave when Chicken Littles in Washington invoked a manufactured crisis in 2008. He didn't follow the pro-bailout GOP crowd - including Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich - and he didn't have to obfuscate or rationalize his position then or now, like Rick Perry and Herman Cain did. He also opposed the auto bailout, Freddie and Fannie bailout, and porkulus bills.

Santorum opposed individual health care mandates - clearly and forcefully - as far back as his 1994 U.S. Senate run. He has launched the most cogent, forceful fusillade against both Romney and Gingrich for their muddied, pro-individual health care mandate waters.

He voted against cap and trade in 2003, voted yes to drilling in ANWR, and unlike Romney and Gingrich, Santorum has never dabbled with eco-radicals like John Holdren, Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi. He hasn't written any "Contracts with the Earth."

Santorum is strong on border security, national security, and defense. Mitt the Flip-Flopper and Open Borders-Pandering Newt have been far less trustworthy on immigration enforcement.

Santorum is an eloquent spokesperson for the culture of life. He has been savaged and ridiculed by leftist elites for upholding traditional family values - not just in word, but in deed.

He won Iowa through hard work and competent campaign management. Santorum has improved in every GOP debate and gave his strongest performance last week in Florida, wherein he both dismantled Romneycare and popped the Newt bubble by directly challenging the front-runners' character and candor without resorting to their petty tactics.

He rose above the fray by sticking to issues... 
Most commendably, he refused to join Gingrich and Perry in indulging in the contemptible Occupier rhetoric against Romney. Character and honor matter. Santorum has it.

... It's not about "raging against" some arbitrarily defined GOP "machine."
For many grass-roots conservatives across the country, Romney and Gingrich are the machine.

And at this point in the game, Rick Santorum represents the most conservative candidate still standing who can articulate both fiscal and social conservative values - and live them.

To read Michelle Malkin's entire post:

In addition, this report from Public Policy Polling explains a lot about why Romney[&Gingrich] are in Trouble:  Rick Santorum leads Romney&Gingrich in Missouri&Ohio...because he has the least baggage&is more liked.  Santorum isn't trying to buy the presidency like the others who will say&do anything. He is humble&modest and has the least baggage, he is pro-Israel, anti-Islam/jihad,pro-military,pro-life/pro-family and will be strong on self defense,meeting all of the criteria of Reagan's three-legged stool. As we know none of the candidates are without flaws, especially Obama,and in the end Santorum has the least baggage for the negative media attacks Obama&others would/could try and use against him! After Newt's loss to Romney in Florida, Santorum still has a chance as well considering only 5 percent of the 2,288 national convention delegates have been awarded.

Finally,  Santorum is a trustworthy candidate with the morals, values&conviction this country needs to get back on the right track with God. He will lead with a moral compass, one that has been missing since at least 2008 when Obama was elected. As Reagan said,"If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under".

 Santorum is not only a consistent conservative on social issues,but he has the least negative baggage&record over all the other remaining candidates. He is worthy of the position of President[POTUS]; far more than Obama or any other candidate.

Along with leading evangelicals, conservative pundits like Michelle Malkin, Jill Stanek,& best selling author Brad Thor have endorsed him. In addition, well known conservatives and teaparty supporters:Mark Levin,Rush Limbaugh&Sarah Palin have spoken in his favor and teaparty leader Sharron Angle has endorsed him. Recent endorsements have come from: former Colorado congressman and presidential candidate Tom Tancredo, former Lieutenant Governor Jane Norton and former Congressman Bob Schaffer.

As Keith Fournier of and Peggy Noonan have so eloquently expressed in this article following FL's primary entitled: In the wake of the Florida Fiasco,Time to Consider Bella Santorum's Dad, Rick-[character matters&RickSantorum has character!] .

In Peggy Noonan's book, Character Matters,  regarding Ronald Reagan she writes:
"In a president, character is everything. A president doesn't have to be brilliant; Harry Truman wasn't brilliant, and he helped save Western Europe from Stalin. He doesn't have to be clever; you can hire clever. White Houses are always full of quick-witted people with ready advice on how to flip a senator or implement a strategy. You can hire pragmatic, and you can buy and bring in policy wonks.
"But you can't buy courage and decency; you can't rent a strong moral sense. A president must bring those things with him. If he does, they will give meaning and animation to the great practical requirement of the presidency: He must know why he's there and what he wants to do. He has to have thought it through. He needs to have, in that much maligned word, but a good one nontheless, a vision of the future he wishes to create. This is a function of thinking, of the mind, the brain.
"But a vision is worth little if a president doesn't have the character--the courage and heart--to see it through.... (Reagan) had the vision. Did he have the courage without which it would be nothing but a poignant dream? Yes. At the core of Reagan's character was courage, a courage that was, simply, natural to him, a courage that was ultimately contagious. When people say President Reagan brought back our spirit and our sense of optimism, I think what they are saying in part is, the whole country caught his courage."

Santorum's flaws are minimal in comparison to the other candidates. He's a family man with seven children, one of which is disabled. There is little for others to attack, especially Obama with his billions in attack ads. Santorum is the difference between day&night, he sheds light on the darkness of Obama. Losing in his state to a DEM in a majority DEM state is not surprising, though he did win two times before. He may have gone along with big government policies in the past,but he has grown older& wiser and in this economy I'm confident he won't blowup our debt& will not weaken our national& international security, especially if he seeks a second term as POTUS. If teaparty conservatives would get behind the evangelicals and others who feel our country needs to be lead by someone with conservative principles,integrity and morals, I believe Santorum could prove to be the alternative to the bickery& establishment,Newt& Romney, and win against Obama in 2012!

Additional reasons to support Santorum:
Freddie Worse for Newt Than Bain for Mitt–But Neither are Popular 
Rasmussen: Obama Leads Romney by 1, Santorum by 2 <Santorum's on the rise w/general election voters per NBC/WSJ Romney -22% and Santorum only -2% against Obama ABC/WAPost Poll:Overall Negative opinion towards Gingrich w/51% unfavorable&29% favorable;estab&teaparty dnt like as much as Santorum,that's why he wants Santorum out.

MITCH BERG: Ten Things You Should Do If You’re An “Anybody But Mitt” Republican….

Thursday night on Hannity, Santorum agreed  he would open up energy&allow the Kingstone pipeline&reduce regulations in his first 30 days in office&repeal government regulations, while some regulations will be replaced.
Santorum also stated he would Repeal Obamacare from day one, if not all there's an executive order&reconciliation could be used to repeal the rest, such as the HHS mandate on Catholic organizations to pay for insurance that covers birth control, sterilization and abortifacients.

The latest polls indicate it is time for the GOP& conservative/teaparty to unite. Newt is hurting Santorum more than Santorum hurting Newt. Santorum owns a double digit lead in states where Newt isn't on the ballot...

February 4, 2012 Nationwide Rasmussen:Santorum 45%,  Obama 44%  <another reason to vote Santorum...Obama must go!

National Review:  Gingrich vs. Santorum “Gingrich’s stock is falling, and we’re picking up a lot of his people,” says John Brabender, Santorum’s senior strategist. “People know that we need an alternative to Mitt Romney. ...Gingrich had his shot in Florida, and he failed.”
Brabender predicts that during the month of February, with only one debate and a slew of caucuses, Santorum will assert himself as the viable Romney challenger. And if Gingrich continues to issue hubristic statements, conservatives will sour on the former speaker.
“Gingrich has been trying to push us out, and people find it offensive,” Brabender says. “We’re not going to tell him to get out of the race; that’s a personal decision.”
The timing of Gingrich’s comments — they came around the time Santorum was tending to Bella, his hospitalized daughter — inflamed the fractious relations between the two campaigns. “The mere fact that he was doing it smells of political opportunism and people found it problematic and troubling,” Brabender says.
“Beyond that, I won’t talk about Gingrich,” Brabender says. “I will compliment Governor Romney and Congressman Paul. Their campaigns personally reached out to us [regarding Bella]. None of that was expected, so I won’t criticize anybody for not doing it. But that was very sincere and gratifying.”

Therefore, teaparty conservatives and establishment republicans, it's time to unite with Santorum if you don't want to continue down the path we are on. If we are going to be the party of morals&family values,then we need to support the candidate that reflects that best.  Reagan wasn't the 'most electable' candidate either,but in the end he became President and proved the establishment,media&others they were wrong. Santorum isn't too radical or conservative;he is what conservatism used to be. Lastly, WA Times Steven Dinan stated today on Neil Cavuto's show:Newt argues Santorum should get out;but Santorum polls better in National Polls vs 0bama. In result, Gingrich is less electable&dividing conservatives, which could damage the party in the long run&cause Romney to become the nominee. If we are to unite&beat Romney we must support Rick Santorum in 2012!!

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