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Hooking Kids on Sex-The Goal of Planned Parenthood #parents #kids #prolife #tcot

This video shows examples of some of the ways Planned Parenthood exposes vulnerable young minds to sex. They encourage masturbation and teach them through graphic images and advertising that sex is something to enjoy as if it is safe and acceptable behavior for teens and unmarried young adults to engage in. This is not the sort of sex education children and young adults need. They need to be taught that their body should be respected and their virginity should be saved for someone they truly love and marry. Imagine giving the ultimate gift of your virginity on your wedding night rather than feeling like you have nothing sacred to offer. Why shouldn't teens be encouraged to abstain and save themselves for marriage? What is so wrong and inappropriate about teaching our kids self-respect and dignity?

So many teens and young adults give into peer pressure and advertising and promotional material like the information Planned Parenthood is selling our kids is not teaching responsibility but irresponsibility and lustful behavior. This kind of behavior leads to increased risk of pregnancy,sexually transmitted diseases and emotions they are unable to deal with productively, without turning to promiscuity,drugs or alcohol. It's not about practicing religious morals and beliefs, it's about respecting yourself enough to wait until marriage to share the ultimate bond and gift you can give your spouse.

Sex before marriage takes all the surprises away and just makes you another sex partner in your spouse's list of lovers. Sure you get married for love, but love doesn't equate to sex. Don't you want to be their first and only true love?? You shouldn't have sex before your married because you think you love someone;you should wait for marriage until you KNOW you love someone and they love you equally back enough to marry you and commit their life to you.

Marriage is a bond between a man and a woman that should be considered unbreakable, not something you try and see if it works out. It's a lifetime commitment to love one person for the rest of your life, raise a family together, enjoy the ups and downs of raising children and having the determination to work together and strengthen your relationship. Marriage also protects you and your children from the risks of std's, unwanted pregnancies and single parenthood, creating stronger families and healthier relationships. [UPDATE:Not to mention, a healthy family and a healthy marriage create a healthy economy for future generations. This is one of the reasons I support Rick Santorum, he sees the value in strong families which creates strong economies. As twitter friend @mba4life shared with me yesterday, it cost $25 billion to do 55 million abortions, but the hidden cost is $45 TRILLION in lost GDP.]

Sure not all marriages work out no matter how hard you try, especially in cases where drugs, alcohol, infidelity or abuse come between you, but all marriages deserve a clean start. One which has the goal of making it work til death do you part and one that shows your commitment to that person is so real that you are willing to save your most precious innocence with them.

Parents and adults, especially those in the business of working with teens or young adults should be encouraging and teaching this kind of behavior, not exploiting our children to sex and making sex appeal as a safe and fun thing to do because others are doing it. Just because someone else is doing it or Planned Parenthood makes it look like it is fun and safe if you wear a condom or pop a pill each day doesn't mean you are going to be safe from std's, an unexpected pregnancy and the risks involved with that, including abortion.

Planned Parenthood wants to make you think they have you covered, they want you to have sex and take the risks. If you didn't they wouldn't be in business. Their number one service is providing abortions. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the United States, Planned Parenthood did 329,445 abortions in 2010 while it provided prenatal care to only 31,098 women and referred only 841 women to adoption agencies while making billions of dollars off of taxpayers and vulnerable, low-income women. It's time to be smarter than they think you are and protect yourself the best way you know how and that means save yourself for marriage and don't take the risks of unplanned pregnancy or std's.

Contraceptives and condoms won't protect your from these things, if they did their wouldn't be over 3000 abortions per day in the United States. It's not that these items aren't easily available to use, it's that not everyone uses them consistently, properly or at all and even if you do use them consistently or as instructed they are still not guaranteed to prevent std's and unwanted pregnancy. Be smart and take care of YOU! Don't let anyone tell you sex is fun and safe, it's not! Pre-marital sex is the most dangerous form of sex for both men and women!

Finally, as @jozefo so succinctly posted today on twitter:

Abstinence costs nothing, disease &chemical free, #prolife health promoting, & great way to find out if a potential spouse really loves you

Here are some facts Planned Parenthood won't tell you:

The FDA shows the abortion drug RU 486 has killed 14 Women, Injured 2,200

Planned Parenthood Doesn't Do Mammograms

Planned Parenthood does more abortions than anyone in the US

Planned Parenthood's Abortion Methods Page Ignores the Unborn Child 

Operation Rescue Surpasses 1,000 Document Uploads Detailing Abortion Abuses Abortion abuses;illegal dumping of human remains,botched abortions

  • 658 surgical abortion clinics (down from 2,176 in 1991)
  • 280 abortion pill-only clinics
  • 724 abortionists
  • Abortion Has Caused 300K Breast Cancer Deaths Since Roe 

    This is a model of what a 12 wk old baby would look like. 

    Only 63 of more than 800 Planned Parenthood clinics nationwide provide prenatal care 

    Feel free to share more resources that expose Planned Parenthood and encourages teens and single adults to abstain from sex until they are in a loving and committed relationship.

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