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RIP Charlie&Braden Powell;your father did the unthinkable #parents #kids #prolife #tcot #abuse

As everyone is probably aware by now, the precious lives of Charlie&Braden Powell were violently taken over the weekend at the hands of their father, Josh Powell, more details came out yesterday describing what the autopsy report found. The  medical examiner found that the children were terrorized and tortured by their father before dying of smoke inhalation.

Apparently their father attacked both boys,ages 5& 7, with an ax by striking them in the head and neck before the house blew up. They had 'chop' cuts on them indicating they were injured, but not dead, before suffering from the heat&the smoke suffocating them to death. Despite the attempt by the social worker to call 911 for help to report the smell of gas and him slamming the door shut immediately after the boys entered the home, their lifeless& burned bodies were found alongside the father and the ax....sadly all had perished.

I don't understand why they allowed him to have off-site/in-home visits considering he was under investigation as the primary suspect in the disappearance and probably death of their missing mother, Susan Powell. Susan Powell was reported missing two years ago in Utah, and six months after one of the boys had drawn a picture with their mother in the trunk of a car while at day care about six months after his mother's disappearance in December 2009.

According to the grandparents,who were recently awarded custody, the boys were beginning to open up about their mother's disappearance and the camping trip they went on. These two things would have told me to keep their father,Josh Powell, away from them and to lock him up, apparently supervised visits weren't the proper solution for someone who was under suspicion for murder. Heck, even Casey Anthony, who was the prime suspect in the disappearance of her daughter Kaylee Anthony was put in jail until they determined whether she killed her daughter or not.

If we are going to protect and save children from situations like this, children must be removed from the suspected parent/adult&visitation should only occur at the social service office under direct supervision. It may sound like a violation of the parents rights, but until a court hears the case and a conviction or verdict is made this is the only way children will be safe from these situations.

Washington Department of Social and Health Services,  Thomas Shapley said Tuesday "Children are our focus. We work so hard to protect children," he said. "We take it to heart."Under state law, a Child Fatality Review will now be conducted by an independent panel. Shapley said his own department was studying case notes and files to learn as much as they could."We had been working with this case and doing supervised visits since the beginning of October. At no time was there any indication of threat to the children or suicide on his part," he said.

I think there is more the courts and the social services could have done to protect these innocent and precious young boys. Sadly it wasn't.  May little Charlie and Braden rest in peace and their mother be found alive or at least found so the family can finally have some closure to this nightmare situation.

Do you think the courts&social services could have done more to save their lives?

GRAHAM, Wash. (The Blaze/AP) — Josh Powell painted himself as a tortured man, ridiculed without reason in the disappearance of his wife, steadfastly insisting he was innocent until the end.
Yet the investigation and autopsy reports released late Monday show the acts of a violent man who meticulously planned the double murder-suicide of himself and his two young sons, culminating Sunday in Powell setting his house ablaze and taking a hatchet to his children’s necks.
As authorities work to determine exactly why Powell committed the murders, investigators said they‘re no closer to answering the question they’ve had for two years. But information is surfacing that the kids had started to reveal some key details about their mother’s disappearance.
In this undated photo provided by Chuck and Judy Cox, Chuck Cox sits with his grandsons, Charlie, left, and Braden, right, at the Coxes home in Pullayup, Wash. Charlie and Braden were killed along with their father, Josh Powell, on Sunday in what police said was an intentional fire set by Powell. Chuck Cox is the father of Powell's wife, Susan, who has been missing since 2009. (AP Photo/Courtesy Chuck and Judy Cox)
“We still haven’t identified or found where Susan Powell is,” said West Valley, Utah, Police Chief Buzz Nielsen, who is in charge of the investigation into the young mother’s disappearance. For now, even with the longtime “person of interest” in the probe dead, police say the case remains open, though some mysteries may never be solved.

Powell’s horrific murder-suicide seemed to come out of nowhere. Just days before, in a motion seeking custody of his children filed with a Washington state court, Powell said he missed his wife, and would remain strong for the boys.
“A lesser person would fall under the intense scrutiny I am facing, but apparently my inherent resilience as a person makes it increasingly difficult for them to pursue their agendas,” Powell wrote. “I am standing tall for my sons, but it deeply hurts to face such ridicule and abuse.
“I know my own heart is free of any guilt regardless of what people claim,” he added.
Things changed dramatically when the judge ruled against him, ordering the children to remain with Susan Powell’s parents for now.
On Sunday, Powell’s boys came for a routine supervised visit. They ran ahead, the social worker falling behind. Powell then locked the door, used a hatchet on his kids, and lit the house on fire.
Ultimately, Powell and both boys died of smoke inhalation, Pierce County Medical Examiner’s Office investigator Melissa Baker said Monday evening.
But they also suffered “chop injuries” that contributed to their deaths – 7-year-old Charles was struck on his neck and 5-year-old Braden had injuries to both his head and neck, Baker said.
Pierce County Sheriff’s Detective Ed Troyer said investigators found a hatchet that they believe was used on the boys.
“We recovered a hatchet – a small ax,” he said. “It was right there with” the bodies.
Authorities also said Powell had made thorough plans well ahead of the murders.
“This was definitely a deliberate, planned-out event,” Troyer said.


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