Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Social Issues Are Constitutional Issues And Should Not Be Ignored

santorum and our rights.egg by littlebytes on Aviary Lately Rick Santorum has come under criticism for being 'too conservative' or too 'fringe' on social issues and out of the mainstream. It wasn't that long ago our country was less secular and was more open to social issues, like abortion. Although Roe V Wade was decided in 1973, this country has been divided and outspoken on this issue since. The atrocity of the killing of unborn children in their mothers womb has since left over 55 million dead and many mothers wounded emotionally, some physically and some have died, even though legalizing abortion was suppose to make them safe, legal and rare.

This video clip of former President Ronald Reagan expresses very well why the issue of abortion, as with other social issues, is not a fringe issue and not a religion problem, but a Constitutional issue not to be dismissed. To ignore social issues, as presented by Conservatives like Presidential Candidate Senator Rick Santorum, is to ignore our Constitution.

Therefore, if you care about this country and want to see our country outspoken and demanding equal protection under the law for ALL life,liberty and happiness, we must speak out on social issues and we must defend and protect our Constitution in order to change the hearts and minds of American's. If we don't do this or at least attempt to, we ignore our Constitution and the humanity of millions of unborn children who are never given a chance to pursue happiness. The gift of life is not granted by laws or governments,it is an unalienable right we are given by our Creator, simply for being humans, of the species homo sapiens.

While Rick Santorum has spoken out recently on his religious convictions he is also defending our unalienable rights and those rights which our Constitution ought to protect, such as our conscience rights&religious rights. The right to conscience and our morals is one of those rights and that right is currently under attack by the policies of the current administration. We must stand up for those rights because whether we believe in a religion or not, our religious freedoms as granted in the First Amendment grants us the right to practice our beliefs, to protect those morals and conscience rights we inherently have.

You can be an atheist, a pagan or some other religion, but the freedom to express and practice your choice is one the government does not grant but must protect, as long as no harm is done to another. This is why the Catholic Church and other denominations have recently spoken out against the health care mandate that would require religious institutions and organizations, along with religious employers to provide health insurance which offers free contraception, abortifacients and sterlization.

The conscience and religious rights of these organizations and individuals are going to be violated if this mandate is not overturned. Nobody is being denied access to these items, but the government can't force anyone to pay for these services for someone else. I am confident the Supreme Court will overturn the entire Affordable Health Care Act, which was forced upon us in the late hours of 2009. However, this decision might be delayed until 2015,rather than next month, if the latest news coming out of the Supreme Court occurs. The bottom line is that the government has no right to force any of its citizens, private businesses or insurance companies&religious organizations to purchase a product or service, such as health insurance, contraception or sterilization.

Finally, there is nowhere in the Constitution that says the government must provide it nor is there anywhere that says anyone must pay for someone else's health care, contraception, sterilization or abortifacients.

America is a Constitutional Republic founded on individual liberty;not a collective ideology like Obama believes we must follow by redistributing our wealth and paying for others entitlements. Entitlements are not human rights and they are not Constitutional rights;they are a luxury that the government can take away just as easy as they can provide them. As the saying goes, the trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money.

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