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Petition to STOP Mass. school from using “Electrical Shock” to enforce rules

This is insane...another twitter friend, @grumpyelder, sent this to me today. I can't believe something like this is still being done&considered therapy in a school for disabled kids who 'act up'. This is more like punishment and torture, which I thought had been done away with when asylums were closed down?? What makes it even worse is the mother was unaware that his type of 'therapy' would or could be used on her son. It seems many schools are taking their zero tolerance policies a little too far these days, especially in this case with a disabled student!!

Mass. school using “Electrical Shock” to enforce rules
This afternoon I gout a email from Alphamom, a regular contributor here at Grumpy.   She told me about a petition at Change, to stop The Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) in Massachusetts,    
Massachusetts Representatives: Please Stop Painful Electric Shocks on Students at JRC in Massachusetts! The school works with ( if works is the right word)  kids with disabilities and behavioral problems, but shock treatments, I thought they’d gone out of style in the 1950′s, mostly because of very questionable results,  The petition was started in April of this year..

A quick look turned up a story by Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV FOX Boston:

Mother Sues Judge Rotenberg Center Over “Torture” Of Disabled Son The mother, Cheryl McCollins,  has been trying to sue the school since 2002, but they have good lawyers who were able to prevent the video from being introduced as evidence.. The suit was settled April 25, 2012, the terms of the settlement were not disclosed except that JRC did not have to admit to any wrong doing and McCollins lawyer is calling it a victory… The petition is aimed at getting Massachusetts to pass a law that would prohibit the use of shock treatments altogether.  The law passed the State Senate but has stalled in the House, where the Speaker says he’s opposed to the treatment but…an out right ban on a medical procedure might be problematic: As The Judge Rotenberg Center claims.  Once again from FOX story I mentioned before Mother Sues Judge Rotenberg Center Over “Torture” Of Disabled Son
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