Sunday, May 20, 2012

Turn Your Cell Phone Into a Baby??Help Stop Teen Pregnancy!

I came across this today while browsing the net and thought it was an interesting idea worth sharing. You may have heard of the digital dolls that let teens experience parenthood, which is an improvement from caring for an egg or other inanimate object, but now there is a less costly way to experience parenting through a digital baby.

About 1 in 3 girls become pregnant at least once before they're 20. is urging young people to think about how their lives might change if they were to become pregnant. Through the innovative use of cell phones, participants can  turn their friend's cell phone into digital baby for 12 hours to stimulate what it would be like to have a baby as a teen. Through pranking, teens will stop and think about a subject that could use a bit more consideration.
Here's how it works: 
  • visit, you can send friends a message that your phone has been turned into a digital baby that needs their care and attention for a day. 

Sounds like an interesting idea, it can't hurt to try it and while you're at it your teen could win a $2,000.00 scholarship! As popular as cell phones,text messages and new apps are with teens this could be a worthwhile cause. Since teen pregnancy is still rather high,even though it is on the decline recently, anything to discourage teen pregnancy is a plus. Of course those who already made their choice&are pregnant, I encourage them to have the babies& raise them with lots of love or put them for adoption.

Adoption is the loving option when a child can't be raised by the biological parents. There are open adoptions which allow the mother to receive updates on how the child is doing periodically&allow for visitation and there are closed adoptions, where the mother&child will never have contact and never know anything about one another. Of course as the child becomes an adult and learns they were adopted, as many do, they may seek out their natural parents and reunite.

Personally, if I ever had to place a child for adoption I would choose open adoption because you are able to learn about your child and see them again,but also to select the parents who adopt your child. Closed adoptions don't give you those choices. I think what everyone who becomes pregnant must remember is that they are a mother once they conceive. If we are to teach our teens anything about sex in school it should be the value of all human life and that pregnancy equals parenthood.

Our birth is not what makes us human beings, but our existence in our mother's wombs makes us human beings worthy of life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Sadly, the prochoice/abortion advocates tend to deny 'potential' as a reason for living and they instead believe we are entitled to a good life&a healthy baby and if they think they can't provide for the child then the child is not worthy of living. As a prolife advocate, I always teach that "pregnancy is temporary and abortion is forever"; adoption should always be the chosen option if a mother is unable/unwilling to care for her child. I wish the prochoice community would advocate adoption over abortion more often.

Instead, places like Planned Parenthood, advocate abortion&peform more abortions then adoption referrals, and mislead their patients by telling them that if they have an abortion early in the pregnancy it is only terminating a 'blob of cells', not a human being. I have had conversations with a so called 'family doctor' on twitter who says "we are not humans until we are born", which is a personal belief, not scientific. However, because she is so pro-abortion she teaches&tells others that lie. You would think with todays ultrasound technology doctors would stop lying to their patients. But, that's a whole other discussion,but one of great importance if we are to save lives&discourage teen pregnancy.

Anyway, what do you think of this new app? Do you think it could help discourage teen pregnancy or will it be ineffective??

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