Saturday, May 26, 2012

What the 2012 Election Means to Me,You&Our Country

What's a prolife conservative to do?This election season has stirred up many emotions and infighting among groups of conservatives&individuals. We all have our beliefs,passions and emotions, and we are all moral&principled Catholics,Christians,Conservatives&Independents. Many of us are not just fiscal conservatives,but social conservatives&very prolife. However, nobody is more prolife than Priests for Life. I would hope those who also consider themselves prolife would consider their advice...For those who think they are holier than thou... consider this: Priests for Life on voting 

Only Christ is without sin, we are all sinners and imperfect in the eyes of God. God loves the sinner,not the sin. Voting for Romney doesn't mean we agree with him on every issue or is in no way a sin, but that we believe he will do less damage to our country, the unborn and our liberties. We must stop or at least slow down this destruction before it goes into full disaster mode with Obama in power bypassing Congress.

I know as Christians,Catholics,etc we are in not only a political battle, but a spiritual battle. We are facing good vs evil. Our conscience is being put to the test. This election is about good vs evil not a political party, ourselves, an ideology or a nominee's beliefs,but God&country[Romney] vs evil&tyranny[Obama]: God&country or Evil&Tyranny

A Social Conservative Dilemma...Your voice,vote&Conscience in 2012 could save America from Tyranny

Also, please consider the advice given above, along with this post: Is Voting For Romney Against Your Conscience?

Finally, pray and seek spiritual guidance for yourself, our country&our children. I hope you will find peace in knowing that a vote AGAINST Obama is a vote to protect&defend the Constitution,the Country&Liberties we all love&take foregranted. Many brave men&women have died&fought for our rights&the life we live; many have sought asylum here from tyranny. We must keep our nation free of tyranny,stop the evil that has come upon us and we must find it in our hearts&minds to do what is best for our country&future generations. Will your vote stop/slow the train of tyranny or will it be lost on principle, because you were too angry&'holier than thou' to vote AGAINST the evil we are being led by?

Finally, this video of "Mr Paine" speaks the truth. Are you ready to fight for the country you love, without bloodshed, but with your vote. Think about it, if you vote third party, or for a write in candidate or don't vote at will your vote help us defeat Obama??

Vote or die! But, please make your vote count!

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