Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Matter of Life&Death...Baby at risk of brain damage....Operation Cancelled in UK!!

News Alert:

Baby at risk of brain damage has crucial op cancelled because of doctors' strike  needs surgery by Thursday!! Please share and help raise awareness, perhaps he can get donations to travel to US for care??

This is what nationalized, government healthcare leads to...many other patients are losing their care as well. Treatment has already been limited among elderly and children.

An estimated 1.25million GP appointments were postponed as a result of the strike, including 400,000 involving the elderly and 140,000 for children.It's feared the industrial action will create a huge backlog that will have knock-on effects for the NHS for several weeks.Patients whose operations, hospital tests or scans were due to take place on Thursday have been sent cancellation letters but many have still to be given a new appointment dateThe Department of Health warned this could take some time.Other victims of the dispute include 1,350 waiting for cataract surgery and 700 awaiting hip and knee replacements.Another 7,500 with heart problems have had appointments cancelled and a further 7,500 paediatric appointments were postponedAround 9,500 pregnant women have had tests and scans cancelled and 200,000 hospital outpatient appointments will need to be rescheduled.
The government can't keep sustaining the system and pay for Doctors, now the patients will have to suffer the consequences.

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