Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Birthday To My Dad, A Survivor,WWII Vet,Patriarch&Man of God

My Dad turned 90 yesterday! We will go see him to celebrate this milestone later today. I wanted to share how proud I am of him and a little about him. My Dad proudly served with the Flying Tigers in the China,Burma, India Campaign during WWII. Later in life he became a Geologist, after graduating from Columbia University. After marrying my mom&starting our family,he commuted to school at nights, and completed his Master's in Education. He then became a successful teacher until he retired and took over my grandfather's business.

Now-Flying Tigers 2010 Reunion
I would like to take time today to honor&recognize my dad for his service to our great country and those around the world who fought against fascism and communism and who continue to keep us free and safe from all foreign and domestic enemies. 

May we always have great men willing to serve our nation& protect freedom! Here is a video from the Flying Tigers 69th anniversary reunion in 2005. One of the last reunions my dad was able to attend before his health got worse. Sadly, many of his friends have passed away, as a result at each reunion there are less of them. Thanks to the Flying Tigers 69th DRs Association for keeping their memories alive and honoring them and their families each year.

Here is an article I wrote on my parenting&childhood memories site awhile ago in honor of my dad and all he has done for me and my family. Happy Birthday to the best Dad a daughter could have and an honorable man!

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I was a big fan of the Flying Tigers One of the first books I read in the school library as a child was about the tigers. John Wayne made a movie about them so you know they were cool.

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