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Perverted College instructor demanded students masturbate, reveal sex-fantasies!!

Federal complaint: College instructor demanded students masturbate, reveal sex-fantasies

OMG, How could the college and the Dept of Education not find any evidence proving this perverted professor required students to masturbate&reveal such personal information about their sexuality&sexual experiences?? I'm sure there must be other students who could back up her claim or the syllabus or report requirements. Regardless of signing any kind of waiver that said sexually explicit topics would be discussed, nowhere did it say students would be required to reveal personal sexual history or information about themselves or they would be failed.  

This is disgusting and not surprising considering how  perverse our education system has become by requiring children as young as Kindergarten to learn about homosexuality and older elementary students to learn about&discuss oral&anal sex or how to put condoms on

I hope this Professor is further investigated and he is fired! Sadly, this movement towards the sexual exploitation&over sexualization of our children is not limited to the US, but is also occurring in the UK and other countries around the world,thanks to the UN and organizations such as Planned Parenthood.

A college instructor in Nevada allegedly required students to masturbate and publicly reveal personal sex-fantasies in order to pass a “human-sexuality” class, reads a federal complaint filed in U.S. District Court late last month.
Former Western Nevada College student and aspiring social worker, Karen Royce, filed the complaint against college administrators and instructor Tom Kubistant saying freshman and late-high school students were ordered to “openly discuss their orgasms” and masturbate.
Instructor Kubistant

Kubistant  “locked the classroom door” and played a “90-minute movie… depicting females engaging in sex and having an orgasm,” states Royce’s complaint.
The complaint also alleges that Kubistant demanded female students turn in journal entries “disclosing their personal sexual thoughts” and that they “masturbate a minimum of three times” per week.
After becoming “agitated” dealing with Royce’s objection, Kubistant “announced to the entire class they must masturbate if they intended to pass the class,” reads the complaint.
 The complaint adds that Kubistant assigned a final term paper entitled “A Sexual Case Study… You!” The paper was described as “confidential,” but would be turned in to Kubistant and never returned to the student.
As part of this assignment, students were required to detail how they lost their virginity, any sexual abuse they have experienced, how they become sexually aroused, their masturbation habits, and their promiscuity behaviors, among other things.
WND also reported on this horrendous story and talked to the College spokesman: 
College spokesman Mark Ghan told WND the college investigated the complaint and found nothing to act on. The U.S. Department of Education also accessed the college’s report and found no grounds for action.“The fact that the Department of Education declined to pursue the matter didn’t preclude the plaintiff from filing a lawsuit,” he told WND. 
 “The first day of class was on August, 30, 2011. At the start of the class, Kubistant locked the door to the classroom. Kubistant intimidatingly informed the class that he unilaterally could kick any student out of his class at any time and give such student an ‘F.’ Kubistant touted himself to the class as a respected author and professional speaker. Kubistant demanded all students refer to him formally as ‘Doctor Kubistant.’ Although Kubistant has degrees in philosophy and counseling degree under the education heading, Kubistant informed the class he was a psychologist. Although it appears Kubistant possesses no valid license through the state of Nevada, Kubistant informed the class he was a ‘marriage and family therapist,’ a ‘professional sexologist,’ and a private practice sex therapist for over 20 years.” 
The case notes that Kubistant had students sign an “acknowledgement” for the class, noting that the discussion could contain sexually explicit terms that may make students uncomfortable.
“Kubistant never once indicated that personal sexual disclosure would be a required part of the class experience,” the lawsuit alleges.
 Her complaints to college officials generated no results, and eventually she withdrew from the class, the complaint said.
As a result, she not only was deprived of taking a legitimate human sexuality class, she suffered “economic, extreme emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life and humiliation.”

This kind of sex education/indoctrination is an abuse of parental rights and takes advantage of the young& vulnerable minds of elementary and college students. It could also be seen as a form of grooming by sexual predators, such as Coach Sandusky. It must be stopped before we have an increase in unwanted pregnancies, STD's and abortions. Instead our children must be taught self respect&dignity, as well as the dangers of sex before marriage, from emotional stress to physical risks such as STDs,abortion and pregnancy. They should be praised for responsibility and courage to ignore peer pressure and emotional desires to have sex before marriage and taught to remain true to themselves through abstinence. 

Finally, in addition to filing a complaint against the instructor, I would have turned a paper in with a big F on it telling him he will be reported to the authorities and FIRED! He has no right to require students to reveal such personal information and require such perverse acts as part of the requirement to pass his class. I hope she is successful in her lawsuit and more students come forward.
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