Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Would You Buy A Bikini Onesie For Your Little One?

The bikini onesie story started in Mississippi when parents in Southaven became upset over the baby outfit being sold in a department store. / TwitterThis bikini onesie is stirring up anger and protests by several parents after it was discovered in a Mississippi department store.  A similar incident stirred up controversy when a new line of kids lingerie was put out by a French clothing designer last year. This has to be a gag gift for anyone having a child or who has a baby that wears onesis. Why would any sane parent want to dress their infant in a onesie that has the body figure&shape of a grown woman?? Unless they are a sick pervert and have pedpohile tendencies?? Do you think this onesie bikini goes too far or is this something you would buy&put your baby in?? Or would you only buy it as a gag gift?? Personally, I wouldn't buy it nor put my baby in one even if it was a gift.

Baby bikini onesie outfit has parents seeing red (video) | The Clarion-Ledger |

...“bikini onesie” for babies on sale at a department store in Southaven that has many parents upset. So hot is the so-called bikini onesie uproar that was for a while on Thursday the No. 1 trending story on The story got started two days ago when WMC-TV in Memphis ran a story about the bikini onesie baby outfit onsale at Gordman’s department store in Southaven that features a bikini clad female body on the front. The news station did the story after receiving a complaint from a concerned viewer, and went to the streets in search of viewpoints from others as to whether the bikini onesie if offensive or not. "I don't think it's appropriate for a small child," said parent Cathryn McKee, according to WMC-TV. "I just think that is a little ridiculous that you would put that on your child." The department store had no comment for the station about the bikini onesie, and the manufacturer of the product did not return the station’s calls. Yet others in the Southaven area had opinions for WMC-TV.

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