Saturday, August 25, 2012

Before We Had "My Three Sons", Now It's "My Two Dads"!!

Remember the show 'My Three Sons', which was for the most part a wholesome family show you could watch with your kids about a widowed father raising his three sons.  After that it was 'My Two Dads' in the 80's and 90's, where two former ex boyfriends are given custody of their ex girlfriends 12yro daughter and raise her together.

Well, now it's become 'my two dads' reality. However, this reality is not the name of a sitcom or television show. This reality is a growing reality, especially in states that are adopting same sex marriage laws. In other states, they consist of same sex couples living together 'in secret' or openly but not united in marriage under the law. This is the story of a personal experience my family encountered recently....

What once was only a sitcom show title, has now become reality. What was once only a fear has become a reality. While I originally feared having to deal with this subject being introduced through a new school curriculum, we are now having to face the reality of talking to our kids about same sex marriage. 

I had hoped I wouldn't have to deal with the issue of explaining same sex/gay marriage or 'two dads' to my sons, who are only 5&8, but a new neighbor moved into the area and my sons have been playing with their son. We found out yesterday, this...Continue »

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