Monday, September 03, 2012

Two kids’ throats slashed in Camden,NJ: 6-yr-old dead, his 12-yr-old sister critical

How horrific....may they find this crazed and evil person before he harms anyone else.  I wonder what possessed him to do such a thing. It had to be drugs or just pure evil. Praying the sister survives and for the loss of little Dominick and his family and friends loss. I can't imagine ever losing a child, especially after such a senseless and horrific manner.
Two kids’ throats slashed in Camden: 6-year-old dead, his 12-year-old sister critical
Suspect known only as ‘Papi’ still at large. No known motive for savage attack.
A 6-year-old boy is dead and his 12-year-old sister is in critical condition on her birthday after a shocking attack by an intruder in their Camden, N.J., home.
The suspect, known in his neighborhood only by the nickname “Papi,” is still at large after allegedly cutting the two kids’ throats.
Amber Andujor, 12, and her younger brother Dominick were sleeping at 2:20 a.m. Sunday when it happened, WPVI-TV reported.

Their 14-year-old sister and another girl, 9, were also home at the time but weren't hurt. Their mother is reportedly in the hospital recovering from surgery.
Amber ran door to door for help, bleeding from her throat and saying “Papi” did it.
Neighbor Nakyta McCray called 911. When the dispatcher asked if Amber was still alive, McCray said, she went to the home and saw the girl “sitting there with her throat cut open and barely breathing.”
The two children were rushed to Cooper University Hospital, where Dominick was pronounced dead on arrival.
“Papi” is the son of a local preacher, and occasionally cuts local kids’ hair, according to WCAU-TV.
"He plays with the kids sometimes,” McCray said. “People would never think he would do something like this.”
Police believe he cut his arm at some point Sunday and followed a blood trail to a nearby junkyard, but no one has been arrested yet.
The man known to locals as 'Papi,' suspected of slashing Dominick and Amber Andujor's throats, is still at large.
Source : NYDaily News

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