Friday, November 16, 2012

Wisconsin Student Molests Multiple Children After Offering To Babysit for Classmates

human garbage Alexander Richter child molesterI come across a lot of news stories throughout the day and week on twitter, and elsewhere online...when I came across this story today I was sickened, but felt compelled to share it with other parents and readers of my blog. Try not to puke, but this sicko needs to be exposed and hopefully locked up for life!

Wis. student faces dozens of child assault charges

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A Wisconsin college student is accused of molesting six young children and videotaping the assaults under such titles as "Monster Unleashed," and police said Friday they think there are more victims.
Alexander R. Richter, who attended Gateway Technical College, was jailed on 49 felony charges after authorities say he volunteered to baby-sit his classmates' children and then repeatedly had sex with the boys and girls on camera as they cried and begged him to stop. Police said they have identified six children in videos and photographs recovered from Richter's home in Racine, about 30 miles south of Milwaukee.
Investigators are asking other victims or their families to come forward with information. "We're not putting a number on it, but from the evidence we've recovered we believe there are additional victims," Racine police Sgt. Marty Pavilonis said.
Richter, 28, was arrested last week and faces dozens of charges including first-degree sexual assault of a child under 13, sexual exploitation of a child and possession of child pornography. He remained in jail Friday after a judge set his bond at $1.5 million in cash a day earlier.
Richter's public defender, Margaret Johnson, did not immediately return a message for comment. A preliminary hearing has been set for Wednesday.
According to a criminal complaint, Richter approached at least one classmate last year and offered to baby-sit her children — a son who was then 6 years old and a daughter who had just turned 4. Richter is accused of making at least 11 videos of himself having sex with both children, including one in which police say he guided the boy into attempted sexual activity with his sister.
The allegations came to light last month when the boy, now 7, touched another child inappropriately, the criminal complaint said. When confronted, the boy told his mother that was how "Alex" touches him and his sister, according to the complaint.
Investigators say the children told them Richter had oral and anal sex with them on multiple occasions, used sex toys on them and filmed them taking baths.
When detectives served Richter with a search warrant last week he told them, "I'll save you time, the things you are looking for are under the coffee table," according to the complaint.

What a disgusting piece of human garbage, not to mention scarey looking! How could anyone trust their child with someone who looks like him...he doesn't even look like someone who should be around children. He would scare them! How sad for the young victims who have forever lost their innocence and have been traumatized and psychologically scarred by this piece of human waste. I hope he spends the rest of his life in jail. Anyone who assaults a child like this, really anyone who assaults another human being like this regardless of age, should be kept in a cage/prison cell for life. Hopefully he will be given life without parole. I don't know what the laws in Wisconsin are for child sexual assault but he likely shared the pornographic videos and pictures he took with others and the fact that he had them on DVD in his posession also proves he is guilty of child pornography posession. Anyone who does this to someone, especially an innocent child deserves no sympathy nor freedom again! They can not be rehabilitated, they will offend again!

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