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Armed School Resource Officer Carolyn Gudger Stops Gunman From Killing School Principal and Others

In a September 2003 photo, Sullivan Co. Sheriff Dept. officer Carolyn Gudger is the school resource officer and is shown outside Sullivan Central High School in Blountville, Tenn. Gudger was the resource officer who first confronted Thomas Richard Cowan who had two handguns with him as he entered the school on August 30, 2010.

I had never heard about this brave and heroic woman before, until today. Yet it's been a little over two years since she saved the life of the school principal at Sullivan Central High School and countless students and staff. I guess the reason we haven't heard more about this brave woman is because nobody was killed except for the gunman and all the students and staff remained safe, thanks to the quick and professional actions of Carolyn Gudger.

A local schools official said Tuesday that a school resource officer, staff members and students at Sullivan Central High school reacted "phenomenally well" to a gun-wielding man who was later shot and killed by sheriff's deputies.
Thomas Richard Cowan, 62, was killed at the school in Blountville after he pointed a loaded pistol at the principal's head and refused a command to drop the gun. No one else was hurt.
County schools director Jubal Yennie said resource officer Carolyn Gudger and principal Melanie Riden confronted Cowan inside the school entrance and kept him away from students until deputies arrived.
Investigators have not said why Cowan went to the school, where his brother is a janitor.
Sheriff Wayne Anderson said Monday that Cowan entered the school with a .380-caliber semiautomatic, a .25-caliber handgun in his back pocket and 13 bullets. The sheriff said that after Cowan grabbed Riden and pointed the semiautomatic at her head, Gudger pulled her gun on Cowan and moved the principal to safety.
Yennie said that during the confrontation Riden "was able to get the school locked down and 911 notified" before she got away from the gunman. He said Gudger was "able to back him down long enough to make sure the building was secure."
Yennie said that after Cowan got inside "there was no student visible at all."
"Our security doors did what they are intended to do," he said.
Students were dismissed for the day after the shooting and Yennie said one possible shortcoming was the pace of notifying parents: "We didn't get the message out that students were safe early enough."

Thus, proving once again, a good person with a gun is what is needed to stop a bad person with a gun. The media would rather ignore the countless cases of people saving their lives or the lives of others because it doesn't fit the liberal agenda of pushing more laws and regulations against 'gun violence'. The liberals would rather make guns look like the enemy rather than the user. It's not the gun that shoots itself, but the person using it and what their intentions are. Law abiding citizens don't normally have guns to kill other people, unless it is in self defense. Once again, why wait minutes for police to arrive when you only have seconds to save a life.

Despite not having a bullet proof vest, Carolyn Gudger put her life on the line to protect and defend the principal and kept the gunman at bay. Thankfully police arrived in time to take out the gunman and she had the courage to hold him off from shooting the principal and was able to move the principal to safety. 

It sure would be nice if we would hear more about these stories rather than the glorification of mass shooters in the media and the tragic loss of so many lives like we have heard in Newtown, CT. Maybe if the media would focus more on how guns save lives rather than on these horrific tragedies, less copycat incidents would occur and more schools would be protected with armed security like the staff and students at this school.


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This isn't just about a "good" person with a gun, these were well trained police officers.

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